Oh, sweet lavender…

We decided to go to a nearby lavender festival this past weekend. Would never have dreamed that there would be a traffic backup! On a long stretch of country road with no cross roads or turn offs. And a fender bender. And another disabled vehicle. Couldn’t hardly¬† move forward and the police and tow trucks had us blocked the other way, so we simply gathered our patience and waited our turn to get into the festival.

The aroma was noticeable the moment we stepped out of the car. Look at these full, beautiful bushes!

And we finally arrived just in time for the lecture and demo I had wanted to hear, so it was all good. I learned about French and English lavender and planting and pruning, and when to call it a day and pull out the plant!

I never knew it was such a “thing” to have your photo taken in a field of lavender, but there were lots of little girls in fancy dresses becoming very pretty pictures!

I did not take too many pics but I sniffed in that delicious aroma a lot! There were vendors and oils and jams and sachets……………I successfully resisted.

It made me very happy to see lots of bees around the plants, too.

Interestingly enough, they were plentiful around those big, full bushes, but where the ones were not as full, I did not see any bees. I guess they know where to get a good meal.

There is a lavender labyrinth near Blue Lake that we visited last year and that inspired the desire to visit this festival. I really never knew how much I loved this fragrant plant until I had a bush of my own. Now I am almost obsessed…I will be making room for more plants in my garden! Perhaps now I can actually keep more of them alive!


Nothing planned…

Originally this was a week with nothing planned. It’s summer and we have our grandson on Tuesdays and Fridays so if we make a plan it revolves around that. We ended up with lunch with friends, car service appointments, and other necessary trips that kept us out of the house and me out of my sewing room! Can’t get too far on the huge pile of scraps that way!

The ONLY thing I stitched on this week was this little gingko.

I have so many bits and pieces of beautiful fabric and it’s a pleasure to re-visit them with these small studies. Not sure how they will be finished, but I’m leaning towards keeping groups together and mounting them to wool. I’m really enamored of the fringed edges of my other wool mounts.

And I have plenty of wool to play with!

Small bits of time…small pieces…maybe next week, with nothing planned again, I can get back to sewing up the big pile of scraps!

Progress happens…

Most of my day today was spent weeding and planting my garden. Well, it took most of the morning anyway! My garden now consists of a few flowerpots in the front of the house because I’ve converted everything I can to perennials. I plant one little strip of alyssum along the front walk and call it good. I love flowers but I’m just not into all the work involved anymore.

The pots will fill in over the summer with minimum care. Easy, peasy, done! It only took that long because I forgot to get something for the antique hanging baskets that I got last fall and had to run out to the nursery.

After a quick trip to the grocery store, I got some sewing done. The brown quilt is coming along pretty quickly. I’ve been making blocks in groups of 4 and sticking them up on the design wall as I go. I’m still thinking there will be a need for a spike of color before it’s done, but I will make all the blocks before I decide.

And as I looked at the squares that I have cut, I think this is going to be a large quilt! I’m glad I didn’t cut every piece of brown fabric that I found…or I might have had to make TWO brown quilts! Nope–no way!

Little bits of sewing when I have time, and it will get done.

No fashionista here…

The Fashion Police would lock me up and throw away the keys. I hate to shop and my clothing consists primarily of exercise clothes and work-with-paint-or-dye clothing. Since I don’t work in an office anymore, I really don’t need much in the way of nicer things. However, it’s gotten to the point where I HAD to go shopping, but it was a nice outing with my daughter and daughter-in-law. We had lunch at a really nice Mediterranean restaurant and slowly worked our way through several shops. We all managed to find a few things, too, which is not always the case!

Today hubby and I stocked up on groceries and I found even more clothing, but it’s more of the kind I usually buy…not pretty little one of a kind items, but a decent shirt and buy one of every color! Yep—same shirt, 4 ways, and that kind of fashion life is just fine with me!

Not much sewing going on lately, though. I have a few small pieces that I want to work on, but spring is finally here and I’m mowing and planting a few annuals and hanging around outside more…and that’s just fine with me, too!

And then I run into one that I can’t decide on the orientation OR what beads to use……….UP?


And it’s not like I don’t have plenty of beads! Bonus time—my former sister-in-law knows that I’m a beader and she has decided that she doesn’t need any of the beads she has collected, so she gave them to ME!!!! A huuuuuuge tote full of them.

And there were some in there that were perfect for this piece. I am such a lucky person.

I need to get the garage cleaned out and ready for the dye class that I’m teaching. It’s a real mess out there! It will be ready for class, though, no matter what else is going on.

My daughter surprised me with a new mug for Mother’s Day. I had seen and liked it a few months ago and promptly forgot about it—but she remembered!

And I’m drinking my coffee out of it right now!

So blogging is probably going to be sporadic, as it usually is in busy times, but I’ll try to get at least a couple of posts out a week.

Oh—I’m planning on getting some lavendar plants at the nursery tomorrow. I’m excited about that because I love them and have forgotten to look for them in previous springs…….they do not thrive where I have had them, so I will have to ask some questions this time about what they really need.


Lots of littles…

Working on the little samples for camp, but barely started on them so really nothing new to show.

My day started with an interview for the local paper about my art hanging at the library right now. I was glad to go in and chat because I hadn’t taken any pics of the show after I hung it. The nook they put the art in is very cozy, with armchairs and a fireplace and it makes you feel as though the art could be hanging in your home. I like that a lot.

This is still my current favorite piece!

And space on each side of the fireplace, along with their permanent art pieces.

It’s always fun to have your art on display!

My day included a little jaunt to a quilt shop about an hour away. I knew that I would not get away without some fabric, despite my attempts to destash, but I was very conservative!

Half yards and yards, though, where I usually only buy fat quarters, but aren’t they gorgeous!

And a quick step-by-step of the sample distraction project, because it is DONE!

Another one mounted on wool, with edges fringed and wild, but I’m liking the way these look hanging on the wall. I need to get out of the green/turquoise family, though. I’m feeling like it might be time for some orange on the next one.

And the most joyful part of the day came in the mail. My aunt was on a little trip, went into a store and saw THIS–

She knows I like colorful fabrics but she had no idea that I LOVE sugar skulls and this fabric is totally awesome. Aunt Jean is also super awesome!!! Thank you.

Now I need to get going on stitching up those sample pieces!

Spring Break Sewing

The grandson is on spring break this week and we are babysitting him every day. This is the extent of my sewing…

We have done painting and stenciling and made stamps.

We have done some household tasks, like replacing old shower curtains and a damaged mailbox.

We have done some necessary math, which is NOT his favorite part of the day.

We have also gone to the movies, which WAS his favorite part.

This is a great time for us and I would never think of giving up time with him in favor sewing. Nope!

Sewing will resume in a few days…thanks for playing along with me. Go find a kid and get a hug!