Off for a few days…

My niece is getting married this weekend and we are taking a few days extra to visit and tourist around. I may get a chance to post something, but not very likely until we are home again!

Need to work on these when I get home…

I realized yesterday that I have a lot of starts this year but not too many finishes. I need to be in finishing mode!!!

And I’m teaching this in a couple of weeks at Quilt University

…love this little project!



I have stamps!

Finally, with my Wacky Quilter friends, I took time to use that basket of stampmaking supplies. Well, a teeny, tiny portion of them anyway. I opted to only use the self-adhesive stuff that I have; no carving, no extra gluing, no glue gun.

Cut some out myself and some are pre-cut.  Tons of foam shapes in the kids craft department.

See the paper on the one on the left below? These strips have adhesive on two sides, so at first thought, you  might wonder how you can print with them. Simple solution–just put some paint on them and let it dry before you use them!

I have a few substrates left…

Next week I’m having another dye–or paint–day, and I’ll be using them, each and every one! And maybe a few more will get made before then, too.

Aaaaand–drum roll, please!–the Crooked Cross quilt is done, except for the label!

The label consists of 5 extra blocks that I couldn’t use on the front. I’m adding crooked crosses around the edges and will write the pertinent info in the white spaces. I’m so excited that it’s done…and the deadline is November! I’m sooooo ahead of schedule on it. Hooray!

Tomorrow starts summer time with the grandson. We get to have him two days a week and one overnight. Every week! May not get tons of sewing done, because the days we don’t have him are recovery days. He’s a busy guy and we have to work hard to keep up with him.  Get ready for lots of smooches, big guy!!!

It does rain here…

Yes, indeed, sunny Florida does have rain, but it’s still warm and so much better than snow. And after the rain, the sun shines and the flowers continue to bloom!




And I continue to sort my mother’s stuff, finding everything that no one needs anymore!

On the sewing front, there is not much to report. My project-that-I-cannot-show-you is coming along. I brought embroidery materials to finish it, but now that the main elements are together, I think machine finishing will be better and that will have to wait until I’m home with a machine.

I did go overboard with my pieces of sheer fabric, though.


You can’t tell from the picture, but this is about a 6″ wide and tall pile of leftovers. The thought had crossed my mind to make a series using this sheer fabric concept…I think I will be obligated to do it now, just to use up those fabric strips!

Just a few more days to enjoy the warmth and sunshine and then back to a more typical spring in Michigan–cold, rainy and gray. Can’t wait!

Slow week, slow stitching

This week will be wonderful, because we will have our grandson every day. But that also means no sewing, for the most part. However, I have joined the 1 Year of Stitching group and will try to get a stitch in every day! If you note in my blog header, I have a tab just for that. I will document that project there, not here, because there’s just not that much to show on a daily basis!


IF there is something to show this week, I’ll post it for sure, but otherwise it looks like a week off from blogging!

Okay, okay…

I must confess to a bit of OCD. I made those leaf embroidery pieces for the new class and thought I was done with them. However, I had one extra square cut out and I just could not let it sit there when it was obviously crying out for a leaf!


Pretty plain so far–the fabric is wool and I’m eager to get started on it.

I’m also looking at our tradition of giving each child an ornament for Christmas. I’m thinking of making some felted and stitched ornaments, but not liking what I have so far. I’ll show you what I have if they get finished and don’t just end up as dryer balls!

But I used to make a lot of ornaments and I have some that I like a lot.


It might be time to make some more. Especially the cathedral window ones…


One of my all time favorites. AND I’m doing embroidery now and beading, which I wasn’t doing when these were made. Perhaps I’d like some of these more than the felted ones.

We shall see!

Home and gone again!

Finally home from Florida, and very happy that my family is so strong and supportive during this time of sorrow. I’m also so very glad that we are an irreverent bunch that can find the humor in any situation. We cried a little and laughed a lot and said a final good bye to my mom, with all the love we have.

And now I have to organize myself to go and teach two workshops and give a lecture in Grand Rapids, for the West Michigan Quilter’s Guild. I bring quilts when I do a lecture so I haul a LOT of stuff. That got organized today…I think.


The stuff I bring for classes usually only takes a small box–nothing compared to the pile of stuff for the lecture. I am so thankful that I never had to do this for a living. My admiration for those who do raises each time I pack up and go. Of course, that’s the reason many teachers are forced to present slide lectures. There is just no way you can fly around the country with a bigger suitcase for your samples than you need for your clothes!

Haven’t had a chance to re-introduce myself to the concept of needle and thread, and may not be able to do that for a while. My studio had never been the shining example of neatness and organization that some people enjoy, but right now it’s too bad for even ME!

studio-mess-2 studio-mess-1

Every where I turn I see messes like these and it must be addressed before I can function again! I’m always complaining about how much ‘stuff’ I have and whining about needing to get rid of some of it, but I think I have truly reached my limit. It seems to be a common theme right now among many of the bloggers I follow and I think we all suffer from the same disease…addiction to beautiful fabric!

My schedule is very light after Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas, so there will be action taken! I don’t promise to have a total studio makeover, but I will return the space to functional!

It will also be a time for me to take stock of my intentions. What is it I truly want to do? Certainly I have changed directions over all the years I’ve been a textile addict, but I know that there are things I will not revisit. That’s where I need to start at least.

In the meantime, I get to teach again! Hooray!


It will be normal…soon!

Don’t quite know what day it is or what time it is or where I’m at…funerals hundreds of miles away with a huge family have a tendency to keep things hopping. I will be home sometime later this week and look forward to some recovery time with a needle in my hand.

Love you, Mom!