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Show in review

Had a last minute opportunity to hop on a bus and head for Chicago to see the IQA Show. I’m not one to miss a chance like that, so off I went.

The red and white quilt display was spectacular! The selection of quilts from the “500” was also wonderful. Loved visiting the vendors and the Open Studios demos were great to have. But my heart was taken by the SAQA exhibits. I took some pictures–yes, I remembered to take my camera!

This is what I will remember from the 2015 IQA Chicago show——–


The Prairie Burr Oak by Jean Sredl


Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 12 by Barbara Schneider


Rooflines #2 by Colleen Kole


Rough Bark by Marianne Williamson


Reflections Reflecting, Peggy Brown


Reading Matter by Sally Hutson

IQA 9 IQA 10

Silver Birch Grove by Sandra Poteet

IQA 12 IQA 11

Dotting Inside the Box by Sandi Snow

IQA 13 IQA 14

Social Networking by Phyllis Campbell, quilted by Monica Gum

There were others, but these……………just wow!


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Another portal

My art quilt group is trying to gather pieces for an exhibit application and our theme is portals, evolved from doors/doorways. We need enough that every member of the group could do more than one and not worry about it!

I’m starting a second piece and it began with another random piece of fabric that caught my eye. I thought it would be cool to make a piece with sheer and translucent fabrics. There was some nice blue and I had a piece that was dyed and then stitched with random twin needle curves and some purple, and a piece of gold organza fell onto the floor…

The totally translucent wasn’t working for me, so I added one more layer of silk in the back. Ta-da…step one!

Sheer door 1

Some ‘what if’ ‘what’s missing’ ‘what next’ thinking got me to the point of making some shapes with the plan to cut them out.

Sheer door 3 Sheer door 4

Each cutout exposes a different layer.

Sheer door 5

The next step was to add a couched stitch around each cutout.

Sheer door 7

And a bit to the gold, just to carry the color through.

Sheer door 6

I still want it lightweight, so I’m not sure about batting and backing. I’m thinking non-traditional, but it definitely needs something. Felt, for a backing/batting combo? With pinked and couched edge? I could use lightweight batting, or some silk blend batting that I have with more silk for the backing, but it seems silly to me to waste a large piece of silk on a quilt back! Cheap or frugal, that’s just the way I think. Maybe I’ll go look through all that wool I have and see if there’s something lightweight that will work.

I’m not going to jump into anything on this one. I’m really liking it and I don’t want to hate it because of choosing the wrong innards!


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Gingko love!

Last fall I really went nuts stamping on fabric with leaves. You’ve seen several of the maple and sycamore leaves that I’ve embroidered and a couple of the gingkoes. I’m starting a new gingko, stamped on black fabric

WS Copper Gingko

and I have a few choices to make regarding the beads I use. I DO have quite a stash of beads from which to choose!

I was quickly able to narrow it down to these few…

WS Copper Gingko 1

and the final decision is…

WS Copper Gingko 2…I think!

Maybe if I look through the beads one more time I’ll find something better. Don’t want to take a chance on missing the perfect combination!!!

And I do have another piece of fabric from which I can create two more gingko pieces. Gray back ground and black gingkoes…

WS gray gingko 1

Any number of possibilities with these. Lots of beads to try out and thinking to do. Do I mind experimenting? What’s the worst that can happen–ruin a little bit of fabric? No big deal–there’s plenty more in my stash and lots more leaves available for stamping. Go for it, girl!


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New “stuff”

While I’m on vacation, I usually hit every fabric, bead and thrift shop in the vicinity. This time, I seriously avoided the fabric stores, because I AM trying not to accumulate more fabric. However, I did visit some bead and thrift stores and has some success spending my few little dollars!

Actually, the only piece of fabric I bought was a silk tie at my favorite thrift shop.

Silk tie

Aren’t the colors scrumptious? There is a surprising amount of fabric in a tie, so this will turn up in more than one piece, I’m sure. I took a couple of skinny, free cut strips and added them to the piece I was working on.

Spinner 1

There will be more beading, but this is where it’s at right now.

Speaking of beads…here are the beads I took with me, planned for use on this piece.

Spinner plus beads

I stopped at the bead store to see if there was anything interesting to add to these. I kind of went overboard and stocked up on a few other beauties!

Spinner new beads

Obviously not to go on this piece, but I sure do love gorgeous, shiny “stuff.” I honestly tried to be restrained and only went into the store twice. But then the ladies wanted to see what I had been working on, so I had to go back. And I knew that we were leaving in a couple of days…well, what’s a bead addict to do?

And here’s the biggest lovely bit of “stuff” that I brought back—Beaded bag

It’s probably made in some sweat shop and I’ll go to hell for supporting exploitation, but I had to have it! Totally beaded, totally useless and totally beautiful!

That’s it for today’s “stuff”–what I’m doing and what I’ve done to NOT be de-stashing! Now back to work to use some of this up!


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Major leaf printing

You know by now that I love to use leaves for stamping paint on fabric. Both last year and this year while we were in Florida, there was a large leaf that kept shouting at me to use it. I ignored it until our last day there and then I broke down, bought a chunk of fabric and some paint. I wanted gray, and couldn’t believe the store I was at did not have gray fabric paint! So I settled for yellow, with white to temper it.

The first print was very pale, but I think I’ll be able to use it. I had to darken it to show it here, it’s so pale!

Frond yellow 1

But you can’t really tell what it is! The next one was quite a bit darker.

Frond yellow 3

And you can start to see that it’s a philodendron selloumphilodendron selloum

and these things are BIG!! I picked a smaller leaf–it was only as long as my arm!

I did a couple of smaller ‘parts’ of the leaf and a half leaf, which is my favorite!

Frond yellow 2

The last print I did was was using the leaf as a mask and just painting around the edges. I like it a lot, too.

Frond yellow 4

You know by now that I don’t work on projects in a linear fashion. I will do something with these, but it’s not going to be tomorrow. It’ll be whenever and I’ll show you when I do something, but it’s an idea in the bank now…several ideas, actually, because these are huge!

Don’t know what I’ll be working on next…there are so many possibilities. I prefer that term to UFO’s! Stay tuned!


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777 Giveaway Winner

Michigan is a mighty cold state right now…as is a lot of the country, I know! It’s nice to get a warm Florida winter break, but it’s always good to be home, even if it IS totally frozen over.

Haven’t been downstairs to select fabric for the giveaway winner, but Mr. Random Number Generator and I have selected a winner. I’m so happy that my fabric will find a new home with

Dana Charlton!

I’ll shoot you an email and we’ll get some fabric sent out. Enjoy!

Edit: Here’s what I’m sending…sorta matchy-matchy for someone who doesn’t have a big stash.


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Artist Chit Chat

Today was a wonderful day for me! I got to go visit glass artist Marilyn Catlow. We talked and talked and I was so glad to get to know her better. She has had some health issues so she is not doing shows anymore, but she is still represented in at least one gallery–which I neglected to get the name of! Her eyesight is having some issues, too, that she has to work around. She is still making new work, though, because she is a true artist and she MUST create!

And her work…!!!!! I am totally and unconditionally in love with it. Even including my own work, I love glass art the best of all media. Marilyn had pieces hanging from every inch of wall space in her home. She said that many of the pieces were older and that the particular style of this or that piece wasn’t as popular today. Well, it was ALL still just as popular as ever with me.

She has been publicly recognized for her contributions to public art and she has more ribbons than I could count. I took quite a few snapshots and I’ll share them with you in a little slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The most amazing part of the day was that Marilyn GIFTED me with two pieces of her art!!!! I could not believe her generosity, but there was no way I was going to decline. I am one of the happiest creatures on earth right now.

Look–these pieces are MINE, all mine!!! Hooray!

MC 19


MC 21

MC 22

So much gorgeousness going on my walls. I can’t stop smiling!


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