While my life is truly never in a routine rut, I do love having a general pattern in which to fit my adventures. The last several months have been very much out of routine…short trips, new art, show prep, some teaching, bursts of sewing and making and periods of no-sew-boredom.

My yearly Artisan Showcase is over. I don’t have trips or teaching to do in the near future. It’s hockey season and the holidays are approaching and the quiet of winter is in the chill of the air.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically since I retired and I love it. My daily routine starts with exercise, which was unheard of a couple of years ago. That routine continues with simple choices–errands, sew/make, or get in the car and go somewhere fun. Family is entwined in everything I do. Simplicity. And I embrace it.

So happy to get back to it for a while.


OPA–Other People’s Art

Twice in the same month–unheard of for me! I have totally fallen in love with art by Other People, and PURCHASED it!

Usually all I have to do is think of all my own art, unhung and in a pile in the studio and that deters me from making a purchase of beautiful art. Of course, that means I am not supporting my fellow artists, but that’s an issue of economics, not an issue of the heart.

Sometimes those issues of the heart speak louder than you can resist. Today was one of those days.

I took art into Grove Gallery for their holiday sale and walked out owning this piece by Barbara Hranilovich . Had to have it.

Hope I make enough at my own Artisan Showcase next week to cover those economic issues I mentioned, too! Sigh…I love art…

Happy hiking!

Mostly pictures today. We went on a hike to see some waterfalls. The “road” to the trail head was very rough and part of it included fording a small stream–which I did not get a picture of, since I was bouncing around a little bit!

The trail was narrow and steep, starting out going way, way down and then up, up, up! We were so disappointed that the bridge was out at the main stream. There were not enough sticks laying down in the water to make me brave enough to cross it. If it had been warmer though, I probably would have taken off my shoes and waded!

Saw lots of trees down in the forest, of course, and the mushroom growths are so very beautiful.

The most fascinating thing to me, though, was the root system that held the trees firmly to side of the mountain.

And this single tree system continued

…and continued

…and continued.

It was absolutely amazing to see this clinging to bedrock, supporting the tree and a major section of the trail as well.

And since we didn’t get to the waterfalls, we did the tourist thing at an old mill creek and dam.

I REALLY love big old rocks!

We finished our outing with a big ol’ juicy burger and were quite happy to get back for an afternoon nap.

What a great day!

I guess I liked this spot the best…several pictures! Hahaha!

Little bits of nothing much

Having time and not having the right materials is hard. The ideas are there but I need more of a palette than I brought with me.

This one starts with a fat quarter of navy blue. I wanted it full sized—really did not want to cut it into pieces! So I added a previously cut square with a rainbow of colors.

I went through every piece of fabric I had to decide what the next step would be———-and put every piece of fabric back on the pile. This is basted and set aside until I have access to more options.

Going back to smaller pieces, I tried this.

It’s a start, but I think I will want a series of embellished lines all across it and I don’t have any of that kind of stuff here with me. This is basted and set aside until I have access to more options.

Third time’s the charm, right? Pick up a few more pieces and just lay them on top of one another. I’m happy with the start…

Guess what? This is basted and set aside until I have access to more options.

My attempt to force the fabrics I have to go together in more configurations is done! I think I need to wait until I have access to ALL my options!

Time to go read a book….and probably attempt my favorite sport, napping!


Idea train—hop on board!

While on vacation, I thought I’d have time to play a little bit making some back grounds. I grabbed a small stack of fabric and really believed it was more than I would ever have time to use.

Well, I had time to make this one, but nothing else appropriate to add to it.

Then I had almost all day today and looked at many, many…yes, many options. I’ll put them into a small slide show for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To my mind, I don’t have the correct color. I do like the single strips woven through the light blue strips, though. I think I might need a brighter fuschia, but I will have to settle for this first step and try out other fabric when I have my full palette available.

Soooooo–having more time to sit and relax is wonderful! And I do have quite a bit of fabric left to play with. I’m having fun with the colors I’m working with, so I think I will simply continue to create backgrounds, or parts of backgrounds with them and use them as best I can later.

Deck time-mountain view-family—————that’s is the major agenda right now, but you know I will always find time to sew if I can!

Stitch your way to happiness

Designing, piecing, fusing, texture stitches, quilting–all parts of the textile world that take me to a happy place. I had a free weekend, fabrics calling out to me and right now I’m in a very happy place!

Decision made on the old leaf piece–straight across.

I did not do a lot of quilting on it, but made all the motifs leaves. I used variegated thread to add a little sparkle (without glitter!) and finished the edge with the same thread. Here’s a detail.

And I ALSO finished that bossy little mountain sunrise piece that told me what it wanted to be!

Focus pieces with straight edges, all fused down, none of the raw edges I like so much. Straight line quilting from edge to edge. Sometimes I don’t clip my threads as I go along, and I’m always sorry when I have to clean up a thread mess like this.

A few lines of trim added

and bam! Another finished piece.

Traditional binding finish on this one.

I could stay holed up in my studio for days right now and never run out of ideas or enthusiasm for what I’m doing. I feel like I’m chock full of creative juices and can’t wait to get to work every day. I am so very lucky and truly brimming over with happiness these days. I say it often and mean it every time–life is sooooo good!

Mad dash….and wait!

I’ve been a little bit scarce on the blogging front for a few days now. I believe I told you that my friend Katie and I are prepping an exhibition entry for a two-person show. Well…my entries were not entirely compatible with hers even though we do ‘make’ in a comparable style. I ended up making one new piece and scouring my walls and tables and piles of quilts for a few more. Aaaaand the application was submitted today. So now we wait.

But now we can also relax and for me that means making something new, on a delightfully slow time line.

My goal is to use only/mainly fabric that I have made so I found some hand dyes that I liked together in a group. Did a little stack and slash and came up this little four patch.

It took me almost half a day to get this far. As I said, working slow! In between panic attacks for the exhibition application, I played around with it a bit, thinking about what other pieces to add and how big I want it to be.

I have quite a bit more of everything but the brown and that brown is what’s grounding all these busy elements. So I guess it won’t get very big. In fact, I think that I’m done with the piecing now.

Probably a facing rather than a binding, when it gets to that point–I like it like this. There are lots of raw edges and delicious areas for hand stitching and I’m eager to continue on with it.

And no hurry, no deadlines, no purpose but pure enjoyment. Aaaaaah, yes!