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Major leaf printing

You know by now that I love to use leaves for stamping paint on fabric. Both last year and this year while we were in Florida, there was a large leaf that kept shouting at me to use it. I ignored it until our last day there and then I broke down, bought a chunk of fabric and some paint. I wanted gray, and couldn’t believe the store I was at did not have gray fabric paint! So I settled for yellow, with white to temper it.

The first print was very pale, but I think I’ll be able to use it. I had to darken it to show it here, it’s so pale!

Frond yellow 1

But you can’t really tell what it is! The next one was quite a bit darker.

Frond yellow 3

And you can start to see that it’s a philodendron selloumphilodendron selloum

and these things are BIG!! I picked a smaller leaf–it was only as long as my arm!

I did a couple of smaller ‘parts’ of the leaf and a half leaf, which is my favorite!

Frond yellow 2

The last print I did was was using the leaf as a mask and just painting around the edges. I like it a lot, too.

Frond yellow 4

You know by now that I don’t work on projects in a linear fashion. I will do something with these, but it’s not going to be tomorrow. It’ll be whenever and I’ll show you when I do something, but it’s an idea in the bank now…several ideas, actually, because these are huge!

Don’t know what I’ll be working on next…there are so many possibilities. I prefer that term to UFO’s! Stay tuned!

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777 Giveaway Winner

Michigan is a mighty cold state right now…as is a lot of the country, I know! It’s nice to get a warm Florida winter break, but it’s always good to be home, even if it IS totally frozen over.

Haven’t been downstairs to select fabric for the giveaway winner, but Mr. Random Number Generator and I have selected a winner. I’m so happy that my fabric will find a new home with

Dana Charlton!

I’ll shoot you an email and we’ll get some fabric sent out. Enjoy!

Edit: Here’s what I’m sending…sorta matchy-matchy for someone who doesn’t have a big stash.


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Artist Chit Chat

Today was a wonderful day for me! I got to go visit glass artist Marilyn Catlow. We talked and talked and I was so glad to get to know her better. She has had some health issues so she is not doing shows anymore, but she is still represented in at least one gallery–which I neglected to get the name of! Her eyesight is having some issues, too, that she has to work around. She is still making new work, though, because she is a true artist and she MUST create!

And her work…!!!!! I am totally and unconditionally in love with it. Even including my own work, I love glass art the best of all media. Marilyn had pieces hanging from every inch of wall space in her home. She said that many of the pieces were older and that the particular style of this or that piece wasn’t as popular today. Well, it was ALL still just as popular as ever with me.

She has been publicly recognized for her contributions to public art and she has more ribbons than I could count. I took quite a few snapshots and I’ll share them with you in a little slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The most amazing part of the day was that Marilyn GIFTED me with two pieces of her art!!!! I could not believe her generosity, but there was no way I was going to decline. I am one of the happiest creatures on earth right now.

Look–these pieces are MINE, all mine!!! Hooray!

MC 19


MC 21

MC 22

So much gorgeousness going on my walls. I can’t stop smiling!


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Tourist Report

Feb. 8–went to the Mt. Dora Festival of the Arts. Huge event and we didn’t see the half of it in the time we spent there. Promised ourselves we’d go back and check out the town after the festival was over.

Today was the day. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the shops…lots of art and handmade items and I didn’t want to infringe on anyone’s proprietary work. But here’s the scoop…this town is absolutely darling! Lots of little shops–some are typical tourist gift stores and some are wonderfully unique.

It was quite cold, for Florida! We went up and down all the Mr. Dora hills. Almost bought the shirt that said “I conquered Mt. Dora. Elevation 144 ft.”

Then I saw the front of this building and fell in love. I could have taken 100 pictures right here!

Mt. Dora 7

I feel like I left out a lot of detail with the pictures I took, but it was just wonderful.

Mt. Dora 8 Mt. Dora 9 Mt. Dora 10

We only looked at the buildings down by the water, which were also spectacular, but it was too cold and windy to be a picture taker there. However, right at the start of the downtown area, this Victorian beauty just called out to my camera…

Mt. Dora 1 Mt. Dora 2

Blazing sun made it hard to capture accurate color, but every fancy bit of gingerbread you can think of was on this place. It’s the Masonic building here now, but it started life as a private home. Yumminess!

Mt. Dora 3 Mt. Dora 4 Mt. Dora 6

We were just delighted with our day in Mt. Dora and I highly recommend it to anyone touristing around this part of Florida. We didn’t see everything…we left something to see for next time!


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Wildlife Walk

We always like to go to the Wildlife Preserve and take a walk on a nice day. Today was so perfect…warm, sunny, with a light breeze…

So here are my usual wildlife pics…and I never get tired of being able to do this in the dead of winter!

This guy didn’t seem to care that there were people around.

Wildlife 1


He just kept walking closer and closer.

Wildlife 2

And finally walked off the path just before he walked into us!

Wildlife 3

And the turtles just lay there laughing!

Wildlife 4

We always see alligators. This guy was getting ready to take a little swim, but I felt like he might be contemplating us for lunch!

Wildlife 6

Guess we didn’t look appetizing enough.

Wildlife 7

This big boy was only interested in soaking up the sun!

Wildlife 5

We almost forgot to look up and check out the wildlife in the trees, too.

Wildlife 8

And lovely grasses all around…

Wildlife 9 Wildlife 10

These guys are very hard to see in the picture. They were quite big but also quite far away and I don’t have a multi-big-super-powered-camera lens like you see on the sidelines of football games!

Wildlife 11

A lovely walk on a lovely day!







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Random thoughts…


Random 1

A reminder that Florida is a semi-tropical jungle

Magnolia-spring 3 Magnolia-spring 2 Magnolia-spring 1

Early spring inspiration

Random 3

Ever present Spanish Moss…which is neither Spanish nor moss!


Fruit trees everywhere

Orange in tree

Some–not so appetizing!

Random 2

Even the most neglected trees try to produce

Random 5

Spring really is here!

Catlow 2 Catlow 1

More glass art out in Marilyn Catlow’s yard

There’s always something to see and marvel at…


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Working on the Weekly Specials

Not really finishing anything, because I don’t have canvases and stuff here on vacation, but I’m continuing to work on my Weekly Specials. Needing to get caught up spurs me on…and I do have the time now.

Here’s where I’m at on this one. Decided to do it all in shades of green.

WS grean leaf

I’ve decided that I need more shades of green threads! It could just be an excuse to go to a fiber store…

WS green leaf detail

Nooooo, there are only 5 shades in this detail photo. That’s not nearly enough, right?

And you are going to have to suffer my experiments in getting detail photos…I just have a hard time with them! Here’s the leaf after beading.

WS Green leaf beaded

And a couple of beaded close-ups, that are probably fuzzy! I will improve my photography skills-I will, I will, I will!

WS Green leaf detail 1  WS Green leaf detail 2

But as I practice picture taking, I’m going to keep stitching, too. At least I’m confident with that skill!


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