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Collaborative Art

When the information for this project floated across my screen, I was interested but skeptical. It’s a call for artists to collaborate in an Alzheimer’s fundraiser. The parameters are incredibly open-ended and I like to make contributions for Alzheimer’s research whenever I can. I don’t typically make/donate art for causes or “exposure” anymore, but this… Continue reading Collaborative Art

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Rush to finish

For some reason, I felt pressure to hurry and finish the little pass-around piece I started at our KEQ meeting. That’s strange, because sometimes I just do the exercise of the day and never look at the piece again. Let’s see…we met on Thursday. By the end of Saturday I had this much done. I… Continue reading Rush to finish

Art Quilts · Learning New Things! · Non-traditional Quilts

Learn to turn

Our project at our last KEQ meeting was to bring a small started piece that we would then pass around. Each person would add something of their choice to each piece as it was passed. We had done this before, with each piece being passed with a set of embellishments selected by the owner to… Continue reading Learn to turn

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Slogans and clichès

So many motivators–a simple google search brings up hundreds. Some days I can use EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” —Nelson Mandela “You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.” —Tina Fey “You see, in life, lots of… Continue reading Slogans and clichès

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For today’s experiment…

I have had this raw edge woven piece and this packet of gray dye in my piles of stuff forever. Each always waiting for the right project to come along. Baloney! They could wait forever so today is the day we are going to try out that dye. Of course none of my dye experience… Continue reading For today’s experiment…

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Tiny decision steps

It was more a matter of time than inclination, but have not worked much on my new design. I had a simple objective for my next step…I wanted the piece small enough to fit easily on a 20×24 canvas, because I have one here in stock! AND I wanted to retain the thread and yarn… Continue reading Tiny decision steps

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Slow little bits…

This weekend was full of hockey–some good, some disappointing–and absolutely no sewing! Monday morning was the last game so I was happy to sit around and stitch in the afternoon. I got the main embroidery done on this piece, but you can’t really see it in this pic. However, I have more stitching I want… Continue reading Slow little bits…

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Experiment DONE!!!

Our playtime is supposed to be fun, and this was not. The New York Beauty block and all it’s wonderful variations are totally someone else’s happy place. I’ll give you the quick picture story and then I am done, done, done with this block. Ready to go and to use my small scraps and have… Continue reading Experiment DONE!!!