Happy hiking!

Mostly pictures today. We went on a hike to see some waterfalls. The “road” to the trail head was very rough and part of it included fording a small stream–which I did not get a picture of, since I was bouncing around a little bit!

The trail was narrow and steep, starting out going way, way down and then up, up, up! We were so disappointed that the bridge was out at the main stream. There were not enough sticks laying down in the water to make me brave enough to cross it. If it had been warmer though, I probably would have taken off my shoes and waded!

Saw lots of trees down in the forest, of course, and the mushroom growths are so very beautiful.

The most fascinating thing to me, though, was the root system that held the trees firmly to side of the mountain.

And this single tree system continued

…and continued

…and continued.

It was absolutely amazing to see this clinging to bedrock, supporting the tree and a major section of the trail as well.

And since we didn’t get to the waterfalls, we did the tourist thing at an old mill creek and dam.

I REALLY love big old rocks!

We finished our outing with a big ol’ juicy burger and were quite happy to get back for an afternoon nap.

What a great day!

I guess I liked this spot the best…several pictures! Hahaha!


Love this flower!

Hardy hibiscus was a pleasant surprise for me a few years ago. I had no idea that this beautiful flower could withstand Michigan winters, but mine is flourishing. Of course, any plant that thrives on neglect does well at my house! These full blossoms are past their prime, but that adds to the charm for me.

Every year I take a few photos of the beauty I enjoy, fully intending to make an art quilt from them. I have yet to do that!

There is a beautiful orange colored hibiscus at my mother’s house that I would love to have here.

However, that is in Florida and those plants really would not survive that Michigan deep freeze!

The bug-eaten leaves—the potential of the buds and the flowering as it’s opening–inspiration for sure.

But it’s inspiration that stays only in my mind, not committed to fabric. Yet. It could happen. Maybe.

AQS Daytona

My visit to AQS Daytona was very nice today. I love looking at all the quilts, both traditional and modern. Nice exhibits by SAQA and another with Japanese quilts. I don’t attempt to take pictures of everything–only quilts that I really like. I actually didn’t even take any pictures of the ribbon winners! And they are not super photos, just quick snapshots, but if you were not able to get there you will at least see some of the quilts that don’t make the magazine articles about the winners!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was very nice for a first time event in Daytona. The venue is great, the parking was easy and it seemed very well attended. Perhaps not as many vendors as some of the more established shows, but a good number and good variety. The food court options were a bit sparse, but the food I had was quite delicious.

Any day spent with quilt stuff is a good day, so I am a very happy camper!

Close to finished!

There is nothing more boring than quilting a grid. And whose fault is it that I was stuck sewing straight line after straight line after straight line? Well, my own fault, of course!

Cyano 17

But that’s all I wanted for the background of this piece. And then I covered it up!

Cyano 19

This is almost done. There are a couple of little text details I want to add, but it’s a simple process and a simple design seemed appropriate.

However, here’s a word of caution for you. DO NOT make a mistake on something that is dark colored and fused to a heavy stabilizer. Look at the arrows to see where I changed my mind about the quilting and took it out. Little white dots, but I used the piece anyway. I convinced myself that the dots added texture!

Cyano 18

This is going to be part of a larger project, curated by Karen Musgrave. Can’t wait until we have shows to announce!

I disappoint myself…

I worked very hard in the studio today to finish up the article I’m reworking. Process photos, of course, which are a royal pain, but absolutely necessary. When I sat down to finish my editing and add my photos, I could only find half the pictures. The ones from the beginning, which I took last week, have totally vanished. I searched in every nook and cranny and under every rock in my computer, to no avail. I think I deleted them from my camera before I downloaded them. I felt so stupid.

But I can place the blame on this delightful distraction.

AJ cameraman

When grandson AJ saw my tripod, he just had to be AJ Cameraman for the day. He hauled it around the house all day, “filming” things just like he has seen TV cameramen filming when he was at hockey games. He had a great time and I smiled for the camera for hours!

However, I believe that when I was deleting his pictures, I deleted mine, thinking they were already on the computer. Sigh!

Luckily, in this case I have enough fabric to duplicate my efforts–and my photos.

Some days the hamster wheel just spins around and you hop on and off as the moments pass by!

Pictures? What pictures?

I am so totally hopeless when it comes to taking pictures of my activities! We started our day Saturday at the John C. Campbell Folk School Festival. The school is set among beautiful rolling hills in a mountain valley. A jewel of a setting.

We thought we were getting there early, right when it was starting at 10 AM. HA! I’ve never seen so much traffic on those winding mountain roads, but it didn’t take very long for the festival pros to get us into their hilly parking areas. Picture? Uh, no…

The vendor booths were set up all along the paths through the woods. Felt like I imagine a Middle Ages Faire would be, with all the little tents and demos of things like wood carving and blacksmithing. The school’s workshops and studios were open with demos going on and there was music on a couple of stages. There were pony rides and live alpacas and spinning and weaving…it was just a great festival, dedicated to the art of the handcrafter. Picture? Uh, no…

We were able to purchase some things like hand forged marshmallow roasting forks and beautifully dyed fleece and roving. Beautiful, beautiful items throughout the festival, in a beautiful setting. Pictures? Uh, no…!!!

But I can highly recommend attending this festival if you can be anywhere in the area on the first weekend of October.

And check out all the classes taught at this school…wonderful! I’m hoping to be one of the instructors in 2014, too. I’ll keep you informed if that becomes a reality–I’ll probably shout it from the rooftops. In the meantime, I’ll try to develop better picture habits!

Sometimes….I just don’t know!

I think I might forget my head if it wasn’t attached! Went to the Capitol Fireworks show last night without my camera. Walking past all kinds of architectural details that I would like to capture for inspiration. Great view of Capitol building, with hubby, which would make a great picture for here…not to be.

I took a couple of photos with my phone, but I have a dumb phone and don’t pay for an email plan or a data plan, so they will stay on my phone.

And after I just posted about wanting to be more camera conscious…boy, do I feel dimwitted! See why I worry about Alzheimer’s?

Oh, well–the fireworks were lovely, the heat wasn’t unbearable, and we had fun!