A festival of…fiddly bits!

Of course, I spend a lot of time watching paint dry when I’m mounting work on canvas!

But I’m pretty happy when it finally dries and I get that piece mounted!

Today I thought I might do some more pieces with this type of string background, but I couldn’t make myself work with those strings. I decided to look through my unloved, previously quilted pieces and maybe cut them up for coasters. Thankfully I don’t have too many of those, but the first one I came across is not going to end as coasters!

It was pretty unattractive as a whole piece but when I cut it into smaller chunks—well, it will do! Two larger and two smaller pieces that look so much better in tiny doses!

And then there’s this–

big, very bright, in your face red and stripes. Don’t have a solution yet, but I’m pretty sure there are some coasters coming out of this!

And there is always more quilting to be done. In fact, I thought this piece would be finished with some straight lines in an afternoon. But noooooo–it needs much more stitching than I originally thought.

It really does. So it will take quite a bit longer, but I simply cannot be satisfied with it as it is here. Yep–quilted to death on this one.

All of this is in an effort to organize myself for three–yes, three–upcoming shows! And some of my stuff is out at yet another show now. Usually the shows are one at a time and what doesn’t go in one will go in the next. This time though, there are applications and photos, so some items have to be reserved for each show. I know this is normal for most artists who regularly enter shows, but I haven’t done this many at once before. Lots of fiddly bits to work out and forcing myself to finish all the way–including labels, sleeves, hardware, photos, and inventory sheets!

Not creative, maybe, but necessary.


Last of the purple

One way or another, this will be the last working photos of my purple challenge. It’s done except for deciding on the display size and orientation.

You can certainly weigh in on the options—

11 x 14 Portrait orientation

11 x 14 Landscape orientation

12 x 12 square

The picture itself has the same orientation. It’s the size that I’m not sure of!

It’s time to move on and try to finish the red houses while I dither over this!

Moving ahead

There was progress made in the studio today, but it did not come easily!

Planned on getting all those canvases wired up and ready to hang today. See that drill with no battery pack? I have TWO batteries for it and both of them were dead as a doornail. Delay number 1.

Thought I would relax and quilt a bit while the battery was charging, but that didn’t work out so well , either.

I finished it later in the day, but I broke two needles in the first 15 minutes of working on the background. Thread was catching on the spool and when I got that adjusted, there was a cut spot in the thread so I had to unroll through that…………..sigh! But at least I did finish it. I’m going to add some small beads to this one.

This is the stack of stuff that needed to get ready to go to an exhibition. I needed to get these ready, at the very least. Time was getting short, so I had to screw on the hanging hardware by hand—-oh, the rigors of manual labor!

See the green and black piece on top? 30 minutes before it was to be picked up, I took it off a hanger and discovered that I had NOT made a sleeve for it! Seriously? How lame is that? Thought it was ready to go. I did a quick search in my scrap basket because I thought I had an unused sleeve there–and I did! Phew! Quickly cut down to size and then I pinned it on. Good enough for this exhibition and if someone wanted to actually buy it, I’d be happy to put a real sleeve on it! And ready before the girls came to pick up the stuff. Hooray!

And as I sighed in frustration from a broken needle, my gaze crossed an older, unfinished piece on the design board and I had a lightbulb moment on how to proceed. Much of the problem I had with it was solved with machine stitching, rather than more of the hand stitching I started with, which you can’t see well in this photo. Sometimes letting things sit in time out is the way to find a solution.

Finally, I was able to really relax and the rest of the planned screws and wires can wait until tomorrow. I made this little piece for an example of fabric manipulation and I’m going to use it without any additional stitching, but I’m going to add beads. It’s only a 6″ piece so I’m hoping I can handle it without any more delays or issues!

Today was another case of the hurrieder I go the farther behind I get. Looking for better results tomorrow!

And every day until Oct. 14, this will be on my mind!

Gosh-I made a decision!

Many decisions are hard for me and I put them off as long as possible…it’s that I always see so many ‘what ifs’ and when a decision is made, that eliminates all the other possibilities. That’s a momentary sadness, but also a victory for moving forward!

This decision was aided by your input and I am going to finish each one of these pieces separately.

Which then involved some more decisions about edge finishes, final size and canvas paint color…mostly resolved when I found this great silk recycled yarn with which to finish the edges.

ALL the colors and thin enough that it wouldn’t overwhelm the pieces.

I especially loved the fuzzier bits! Decided on a nice deep brown paint for the canvases, after considering mounting the pieces on burgundy cotton or brown wool. I’m waiting for the paint to dry now before I mount the pieces and then I will actually have some total finishes for the upcoming Artisan Showcase.

Progress comes in little steps and I am continuing to take those steps, one after another! Soon I will have them done, right? Right?

I keep saying that, but then I start something new. It is a good thing when you never run out of projects or ideas….

Traveling, not sewing

These first three pictures continue my fascination with hotel carpet designs. They were all in the same hotel, but I hate the first one. Looks just like a snake crawling down the hallway! And I don’t think it’s a good match to the other parts.

2017-hotel-1 2017-hotel-2

I particularly like the floral/viny part of this.


This one is at the next hotel and I like the idea of the holes…especially since I’ve been playing with holes in quilts!


Nothing else happening right now, but it’s fun to do my elliptical and then hit the pool. I like that a lot!

Next stops will be lectures and teaching, so there may be a few more days with nothing to report. I’m suffering sewing withdrawals!

Kicking back

…at least onĀ  the sewing! Spending time housecleaning and that is no one’s favorite job!

I did manage to get what I’m calling a first layer of stitching done on the Hole-y Quilt.


Each circle hole has been surrounded! And I’m using the same variegated embroidery floss that I have been using for a couple of months now. I’m not sure I’ll ever use up this colorway, but I have learned a lesson: don’t dye so many skeins of floss on the same tray! This is giving me some great lost and found edges, though, and I’m happy with that.


This one is destined for a lot of embellishment, I do believe!

There is a bit of yard work to be done before Saturday, too. I don’t care about raking the falling leaves. Those colors are so beautiful that I don’t mind seeing them on the ground as well as in the trees. But my front walkway is very overgrown. The phlox and sedum are covering half the sidewalk and there is a decorative grass that has grown as high as my roof and wider than the plot it’s planted in. Trim, trim, trim!!!

Early in the mum season, before the buds had blossomed, I headed out to my favorite nursery to get some for gifts and for myself. I wanted yellow, and the tag SAID yellow…this is my ‘yellow’ mum!


It’s pretty, but not what I wanted. So yesterday I went back and got some real yellow!


Need to stick those in the spots where the zinnias are dying.

And then back to the “flat surface syndrome” cleaning. You know–wherever there is a flat surface in your home, things get piled up on it. Today they have to ALL get cleaned off.

Artisan Showcase is THIS Saturday!


And the show is hung!

It’s becoming a habit–and I love it! After all the detail work to get there, once a show is actually up on the wall, it’s a very good feeling.

I owe this one all to my friend Mary. She is on the LCVA board, and she nominated me to them for the exhibit, even though I am not a member of the group. She guided me through their hanging process and we got it done quite rapidly.


You’ve seen these pieces before, but it’s always better when they are hanging on a wall.


Even The Magic Red Tree looks like it should take up permanent residence on someone’s wall.


This piece started out as a humorous take on retro fabric and then I really started to like it! It’s been shy and this is it’s first time out in public.


Hope people show up for the artist reception, but I’m good even if they don’t…’cause it’s just good to have a show!