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Thread sketching

I have wanted to work with paper and fiber together for quite a while and keep trying different techniques. This last week I have been pushing to finish a quilt but I found a few moments to try a little thread sketching. I’ve already shown you my first attempts at making greeting cards, but here… Continue reading Thread sketching

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Put a finish on the weekend

My weekend workshops were so much fun and I was determined to finish up the projects rather than let them languish on the shelf with other UFO’s. So that was my Monday! Selected a background fabric for workshop 1, Sycamore. And made a decision that I really, really love those raggedy edges! That fabric almost… Continue reading Put a finish on the weekend

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Love learning!!!

Had a wonderful workshop today with Margarita Korioth. This is the second one I’ve taken with her and I have another one on Sunday. Can you tell that I love learning what she is teaching? She is my favorite expert on paper/fabric fusion! Today’s class was called Instant Paper Cloth and we combined papers, interfacing,… Continue reading Love learning!!!

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Bobbin work and sleeves

You can tell by the title that there’s nothing exciting going on here! I made sleeves for two projects, but have yet to sew them on. Pics after that. My Siddi quilt project got stalled for a little while since I couldn’t decide how to finish it up. Originally it was going to be practically… Continue reading Bobbin work and sleeves

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New thoughts

Using the leaves I dyed earlier this year, I’ve started a new project. Progress is slow because I’m going to be back at my part-time job of helping to monitor AJ’s virtual school days. Absolutely love working with him and my studio time is definitely secondary to time with him! I also got a new… Continue reading New thoughts

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Best tip of the day!

When you have a piece that has a lot embellishment on it, you have to plan your quilting. IF you don’t want your beading or embroidery mess to show on the back and you are adding a back piece. For quilting, you either do it all before you embellish or you plan where the quilting… Continue reading Best tip of the day!