One little bit MORE

What’s a night light picture without a bit of glitter? Had to add a little bit more to that piece and now I think I can let it alone…perhaps!

In the full picture, you can’t even tell I’ve added any gold sparkly thread.

It does sparkle a bit in the light. You can almost tell in the detail shots.

But even if the pictures don’t show that detail, it adds enough to make me happier.

Now I am going to get it out of my house or else I will keep adding more things to it!


Night Lights BRIGHT

Dissatisfaction can make me put up a piece on the shelf or DO something about it. This time I got right after it and added lots of stuff to the unsatisfactory Night Lights piece.

This is the piece as I left it yesterday.

Rather blah and not conveying my idea of bright city lights at night at all.

After looking at the picture for a while, I got a few ideas.

I started adding yarns………

and more yarns and a bit of ribbon. It made the image pop.

I quite like it now. It’s got a bit of character. It will do!

Now on to the next adventure!

Experiment time

Last summer at Blue Lake the print teacher let us play in her studio one afternoon. I had the idea of combining paper and fabric prints so I made some of both.

It turns out that we were using water soluble ink, so the fabric prints would not be washable. Bummer! Today I decided to try and make them more permanent.

Mat gel medium, rolled out on a plastic sheet (usually pick these up as cutting mats from a dollar store)–one was a very thin layer and the pic shows the thickest layer.

The next step was the hardest–lay the fabric face down and wait for it to dry!

I was a little impatient and pulled the first one, the one with the thinnest layer of medium, while it did still feel a bit damp. Not good!

Pulled the ink off the fabric and left it on the plastic. The other prints came off very nicely, but the gel medium gives them that nice plastic finish that I’m not crazy about.

Next experiment–iron, wrinkle, iron again…some of the wrinkle lines remain, even though the back looks perfectly flat. Not a problem for me, since I will want the texture when I use these.

Now the original question–will this make the inks permanent? No, it does not!

A lot of the color came out with just a quick rinse and the medium got kind of flaky. It laid down smoothly again after another ironing. Also, I used the piece that was not completely coated…again, I’m a mixed texture lover, so none of this is a disaster to me. Simply additional texture.

My last experiment was to lay one of the prints ‘plastic’ side down and get it wet to see what would happen. Aaaand………the ink would have rinsed out if I had done this in a sink. As it was, the ink pooled and moved but remained and the print still has good color. (No pic, sorry.)

I decided that I did not want to bother putting medium on both sides of the prints. That would have made them very, very plastic-y and having it on the right side of the fabric is enough to protect it from casual water drips during or after construction use.

The next step will be to sew with it, but that will have to wait for another day! I love ‘what if’ days!


A little help from my friends…

When I am working on a piece, I often ask you all for advice. I ask everyone I see for advice. Having different opinions makes it easier for me to clarify what I really want to show. I certainly didn’t think I’d have any time to work on this piece, what with so much hockey going on this weekend! However, there was certainly down time, and I didn’t do anything else that might have needed doing!

So, here’s where I’m at…I did not think that I would be adding beads to this piece at all, but as I was working on the French knots, the piece told me that it needed more! Where I need your input is in a ‘focal point’ area.

I have knots and beads flowing from the lower left corner to the upper right, out into the turquoise rays. Do you think I need to concentrate the beads in any ray area, more in the bottom corner, or what?

This is the way I’ve started into the rays.

And here is the starting corner.

Any opinions or suggestions are very welcome. My beads and I are eager to continue!

Another busy week

Seems as though there is a lot to do every single day lately. Makes me wonder sometimes how I ever had time to go to work. One of the items on my calendar this week was to fill in for a speaker at the library who had to cancel. I never have a problem talking about quilts, so of course I said I could. I took this stack of quilts with me,

plus a few more. Had a weird experience, though, when I got light-headed and had to sit for a bit in the middle of my talk. Never had that happen to me before except one time when I gave blood and drank coffee. Since I had given blood this week, I immediately linked the two, along with a flu shot and a cold. Drink lots of fluid, they said, and I think I didn’t! I will listen and do the right thing from now on, I promise.

I’m not getting much sewing done, and it doesn’t look like it will be moving too quickly for the next few days either. We have 2 grandson hockey games this weekend as well as two college hockey games. What I have going is slow, slow, slow……………….s-l-o-w filling in an area with French knots.

It doesn’t look very large in the picture but it’s about 6 x 8. Ordinarily I would fill some of it with beads–and I may, yet–but this piece really doesn’t call for beads. We shall see, after I get a few more knots in it.

So, off we go to hockey and more hockey! Glad I love the sport.

Winding up…or is it down?

It’s kind of hit or miss around here as far as studio work goes. I took some final photos of work after sleeves and labels, but not sure I ever posted them for you. And if I did, well, here they are again!

Renovations 28 x 29

Mountain Sunset 17 x 25

Fall Fire 15 x 26


And I may have found a stone to use for the focal point in the one I set aside!

Now to get that silver bail off and decide how I am going to attach the stone to the piece. Shiny and bright and I think just right!

My Knot Even Quilters group is working on a new challenge. We talked and talked and made so many suggestions and I think we finally worked our way around to an idea that will work! Fall leaves on a black and white background.

This is my attempt at the concept, even though I don’t need it for a few weeks. My friend Gayle said that she calls this kind of work ‘procrastination work’ and I have called it ‘avoidance work’ because I’m avoiding what I should really be doing!

Graphic, improv and simple to execute. Then I laid on the oddball collection of leaves I have accumulated through several projects.

I really think this can work!

Did I tell you that I had a few pieces sell over the weekend? That means a slight adjustment to what goes to which gallery for the upcoming shows and the Artisan Showcase here. Administration duties, cleaning and organizing for the next week!

Good thing we have Halloween in there for some fun before the show! My favorite holiday–looking forward to it.


Textile Inspiration

There is no work of my own to show you right now. I spent Friday and Saturday doing demos at The Quilted Tree Quilt Show, which was a lot of fun. Sold a few things, too…always a delightful bonus! The venue was a church and I was in a room that must be used as a lounge because it was full of couches and chairs, pushed back along the walls for the show.  I was opposite a triptych of textile work that fascinated me and I couldn’t stop examining it!

And before I get chastised, there was no artist attribution that I could find and no one I asked had any info, either! I’m not very good at estimating the length of a room, but this must have taken up about 15 feet of linear space. It was huge…and beautiful.

Details follow, but the entire wall was endlessly fascinating for me and the closer I looked, the more detail I found. Absolutely my favorite type of artwork! (Sorry, but I am ignorant of how to set up the pics so you can click on them to make them larger. Perhaps someone can tutor me!)

It certainly inspired me! Would love to create in this fashion someday!