Finishing up

I debated for quite a while about what to use to finish up my seascape. The center, which I wanted to be the focus, was quite bare. I added some lines of stitching with regular thread, yarn and metallic thread.

Nothing else seemed to fit so I listened to the piece and called it done. I even came up with a title, finally! Since it’s all from my imagination, it seemed to be Near the Coral Sea…………and it’s faced and finished!

Near the Coral Sea 34 x 38

The string flower definitely called for a funky edge finish! I love working with this organdy because it’s kinda stiff and doesn’t fray easily. I cut 2″ strips and sewed them evenly along the edge on the back and pressed it towards the front.

I treated it mostly like regular binding in the corners but I did try to get a little extra fullness.

I pressed it once again over to the top and stitched it down. I went over it one more time with couched yarn. That 2″ width ended up being a bit too wide, but I planned for possibly trimming it down, rather than crying about something that was too small!!!

I actually got the sleeve sewn on this one, but no label yet. Close enough to call it finished now, too, though.

Funky Flower

Happy, happy day……….both of these pieces finished way quicker than I thought possible. Of course, that means it’s time to think up something new, but that’s always fun and exciting. I am ready for the challenge!!!



Center of attention

That’s right–the center of the undersea piece, the intended focal point is very, very bare.


I have some simple quilting lines in it but it’s not enough. I’m planning on adding some type of thread or yarn, but I don’t want something that will cover up the beauty of the dyed fabric that I fell in love with.

I’ve already eliminated several choices and the colors don’t show up very well in this photo. The top turquoise has a sparkle of gold, so I think that will go in. And the bottom one that looks white is actually a nice light turquoise. I’m really leaning toward that darkest color and the sparkly one. Just a few lines across the quilted surface should do it……………at least, I sure hope so.

I might have two finishes by the end of the weekend! That will feel very, very good. But if I get distracted by plants……………….

Almost there

I couldn’t sleep the other night so I got up and did some quilting! I finished my black and white flower and promptly went right back to bed and back to sleep. Niiiiiiice!

Better than sitting around playing games on the computer, for sure. And when I did face the day, the lawn mowing was done and I decided not to weed or plant anything. The weather was delightful and I spent most of it sitting on the deck and stitching.

I’ve trimmed up that black and white flower now and need to decide what kind of finish it needs.

My first thought was facing. Then I had the crazy idea that a funky edge of organdy might be fun.

So now I’ll sit around for a day or so having a mental debate with myself over that!

Must mean another day for sitting on the deck, stitching away. Hooray!

Mostly start to finish

I’m not quite done with this project but the major elements are in place. Here’s my picture story of how I got to this point.

Grabbed some black and white strings.

Arranged them in a flower shape.

Fused them to green/turquoise organdy.

Stitched them to the organdy. This is the back.

This is what the front looked like.

Next step was to place on the background and get it stitched in place. All the stitching thus far was free motion, big, not concerned with small or even stitches.

Layered the batting and top but did not add the backing yet. Chose black and turquoise cording to further define my shapes. I don’t like zig zag stitches showing on the back if I can avoid it. I want to get the “ugly” stitching done and then add backing for nice quilting.

After I got those outlines done, I trimmed the organdy, leaving a little margin.

I might add a touch of metallic thread around those edges, but basically this is ready for a backing and some nice quilting. What do you think? And maybe beads?

I’m much happier with this now than I was at the beginning. I wanted a totally different shape to my flower, but didn’t know how to get there. I thought this was very childish, but I’m liking it quite a bit now. I will finish it smiling and pleased. Seems like I make myself happy little pictures every time I dive into those strings bags. I probably better head back there for my next project, too!


Un-sewing it, too!

Just a quick note to continue a bit of my process explanation. When I have my design line machine stitched into a piece, I don’t always follow it exactly. Mostly that machine line does get covered up, but when it doesn’t….

that’s when I have to go back in and pick out that stitching. It’s really not something that can be overlooked!

And now I’m going back to the first section and filling in the big, blank areas. I originally thought I would be doing that with the machine, but it simply wouldn’t look right to me.

This a big project and it will take biiiiig time. I’ll not show this much more until there is significant progress…could be a while!

Instant gratification

I was craving some sewing machine action today and I wasn’t at all picky about what I was going to do. However, I have such a huge stash, I can always find something pretty with which to play.

This panel was in a freebie pile at an art group meeting several years ago and I really love it. I snatched it up but then left it sit on the shelf…sigh.

It was a no brainer to get a section ready for quilting and get to stitching.

It may be nice at some point to make a tote out of the other sections, but quilting is what I was after today. And I got it done!

A happy little wall hanging, about 28 x 31, and a day of relaxation for me. Win-win!

I was reprimanded by my black and white strings that I got out a couple of weeks ago. They had some teal yarns sitting by them and were getting impatient to be used.

In an attempt to create a flower in a bit of a different manner, I spread out the strings onto fusible and made this…

which is really not at all what I had in my imagination! But it’s what I have on my table and I’ll work with it. I put it onto a piece of turquoise organdy, of which I have tons.

I’m not sure of my next step, other than a bit of thread sketching to start. I want to have layers so the organdy may get cut up a bit, too. Now that those fabrics are being used and not sitting there giving me dirty looks, I’m ready to plunge into a little thoughtful creativity.

And for my sitting in front of the TV hand work, I’m still playing with making coral.

Between the stitching and the lawn mowing and flower planting, I don’t know how I had time to be UN-quarantined! It’s good to be home and to have time to play.

Cleaning? Sorting?

Yes, cleaning and sorting are words not usually associated with activities in my studio, but they actually happened. It all started with a desire to begin a new project.

I have had this little bit of weaving for a couple of years. Not too long for one of my UFO’s.

The intention was always to place a rhinestone zipper on it and add ‘stuff’ to finish off the thought. Well, first it was going to be a lime green rhinestone zipper and a white on white weaving……………………….

The only zipper I could find (years after they were popular, of course!) is way too big for that background. Then I was headed in two directions–find another background for the zipper or to find other fibers to put on the weaving. Yarns and ribbons seemed easier to find this morning, so that’s where I headed.


Little bit tangled and messy. And just like that, the project was abandoned. I spent a lot of time sorting and detangling this mess, figuring that a bit of time spent now will save lots of time when I’m ready to use the trims.

I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it, but when I had it done and all in a drawer, easy to see,

yeah, it was worth it.

And, yeah, I will need to have a do-over on advancing a project, but at least I will be able to access the items I need.

Aaaaaand, it IS springtime and I’m working on plants and flowers. Rainy days give me studio time, but as soon as the rain quits I need to finish up those outside projects. I found a couple of garden items that I just HAD to have, too.

There might be one more, but I really don’t have a spot for it. Do I want to make a new area so that I do? Don’t know, yet, but I might! A trip to the greenhouse will need to happen first!