A Day Off…

Total decadent laziness…did absolutely nothing yesterday but go out for lunch, play on the computer, peruse a couple of magazines…just slug-like living! And why? Because I have all my deadline-driven projects done and ready to hang, deliver or ship.

I kind of welcome days like this. It actually gives my brain a chance to do a final checklist on the deadlines. I can almost feel those responsibilities and details falling out the side of my head to make room for something new. I’m sure I can feel my eyes rolling around inside my skull, opening wider and shifting focus to new colors, new fabrics, new ideas, new goals…

I want to go to a workshop of some kind. I’m not sure what, but I feel the need for some guided study.

There is an idea hovering at the edge of the planning part of my brain. It needs some serious thought and maybe a whole pile of fabric pinned to the design wall.

Quilt National has always been a competition that I thought was forever out of my reach or capabilities. I won’t think negatively like that anymore. I’m going to make a piece to enter in that contest. I’m not likely to make this year’s deadline, but I will have something to enter by next year.

Prioritizing…deciding what I really want to do…recharging the creative battery…that’s what a lazy day is all about. I’m awfully glad I had one.


12 thoughts on “A Day Off…

  1. I am only doing local shows, but I am planning one to two years out now. The best part is that I have more time to plan, without the rush. I look at Pinterest for inspiration.


    • I still procrastinate if I plan too far out, so I guess I still need those deadlines. But on a Quilt National attempt, I won’t try to force a short deadline. It’s the attempt that will matter there, because I KNOW I have to do something unique.


  2. Quilt National would be the ultimate. It will be next year or in 2015 so you would have plenty of time if you chose the latter. Great goal.


  3. Amen Sista! Mine will come the first part of September. I can’t wait. Great article in the AQS magazine! I got mine yesterday and couldn’t sit and look at it when the mail came. Had to wait until 10:30 at night. Ugh! But it was worth the wait. Well done!


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