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Use up the stash, take two!

The last time you saw these blocks, I was unhappy with how they were turning out…

Sew big 9

There were technical problems and they just didn’t appeal to me as I had envisioned them. I set the whole project aside for a while…got back to it today. My original plan was to have lots of curves and perhaps some quarter circles. Not happening!

I decided to make it easy on myself and make straight cuts for a little slice and dice action. What could it hurt? I did keep my inserts at a consistent width of 2″, and that’s only because I started by using up some binding strip pieces that I had.

I’m starting to like it now.

Text quilt 1

These blocks are quite large, about 18 x 20 or so. My favorite so far is this one and if I don’t go crazy, it should trim up like this:

Text quilt 2

I still have way, way too much fabric for this one…probably enough for 2 quilts.

Text quilt 3

Perhaps that’s exactly what I should do. I love all the fabrics involved. Wow! See how quickly things go from a simple use-up-the-stash-project to now making two quilts? I must be nuts!




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Making cute…or cliche?

Continuing on with the Weekly Special projects, I almost feel like I’m in factory production mode. I’ve been getting sets of similar squares ready to be stitched, then another set, and I’m about ready for a third set. It’s fine for the original pupose of always having a project ready to go and the discipline of continuous work, but I’m starting to feel like I’m in craft fair production mode…getting stuff done, but it’s not always thoughtful work.

I have a lot of time to think while I’m busily stitching away and that’s the question I’m asking myself today. Am I happy just having fun with needle and thread? Or, do I want to spend more time planning and thinking about the pieces I’m making, making with more meaning? No decision yet, but I am pondering that question.

In the meantime, here’s what I’m doing…

WS April stencils 2

Only stitching, no beads or quilting or finished edges.

WS April stencils 1

And I’m definitely having fun doing this!

WS April stencils 3

Planning on quite a few beads on this one.

WS April stencils 4

And I know that some blogs would only show small parts of 1 project at a time, drag it out in order to have more posts ready to go, but that’s just not me! I show you where I’m at, at the moment I get there.

All this coming week, we’ll be enjoying our grandson every day during his spring break. That means lots of fun, but very little sewing. That also means it’s a good thing to have ready-to-go-projects. I may not post the few stitches I take, but I will cherish every moment spent with AJ…much more important!


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Right off the hoop…

Started in on a new set of Weekly Special projects. I played just a little bit with my new stencils and couldn’t wait to get started using the fabric. I couldn’t even press out the hoop marks before I took the photos. For some reason I did not use the bright and bold colors that I ordinarily choose. That means I need some guidance on keeping these softer and more subtle.

Right now, this looks very bland and boring to me.

WS stencil rust 1

The details are nice, but you have to get up really close to even see them.

WS stencil rust 2

By the way, these pieces are both right around 11″ square, so not very big at all.

I love the background fabric for this little tree. So much that I actually used it 3 times, with the tree being a slightly different color each time.

WS stencil green tree 1

However, embroidery alone does not do the trick. Maybe I should have made a bright orange or magenta tree, but this is what I started with!!!

WS stencil green tree 2

For those of you who like things a little more subdued than I do, would these pieces appeal as is? Do they need more embroidery? Or can I go crazy with sparkly beads?

Please feel free to make any suggestion that occurs to you. They will be mounted on 12 x 12 stretched canvas and everything is under consideration. I have a few more of these in the quieter colors and I’m not really confident working in a softer voice!


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Can you believe it?

This will be blog number 800! It seems like only yesterday that I was at number 2! (And so was this guy!)


I’ve certainly enjoyed blogging, perhaps because it’s not structured or limited to certain subjects. Everything is fair game for me, though my focus is definitely textile related. A couple of years ago, I would have said my focus was quilt related, but I do so much more than that now.

Being retired has given me time to learn new things. I’m a firm believer in the term “lifelong learner” and a day without learning something new is a sad day. Lots of new techniques have flown by me and I’ve grabbed on to a few of them as they went by. I’m loving the freedom to explore and then I tell you all about it!

Thanks for hanging in there with me…and I think I need to give some more fabric away! You have heard me lament lately that I have waaaaaaay too much fabric, more than I’ll ever be able to use. Leave a comment and maybe you can be the one I share with…random selection and amount, my choice!

I should be able to find something to give away.

Let’s have some fun!


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Quick door update

Grabbed some time to work on my latest door project, so I’ll give you an in-process, quick update.

Only able to start adding shadows, but they make quite a difference!

Plaid door 3

First, stitched the panels to define the door and then added the big shadow.

Plaid door 5

I’m not sure what else I’ll need to add to the window shadow, but all the shadows will need some stitch definition.

And here’s where it is when I had to leave it. Hope I can get back to it soon!

Plaid door 4


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Show in review

Had a last minute opportunity to hop on a bus and head for Chicago to see the IQA Show. I’m not one to miss a chance like that, so off I went.

The red and white quilt display was spectacular! The selection of quilts from the “500” was also wonderful. Loved visiting the vendors and the Open Studios demos were great to have. But my heart was taken by the SAQA exhibits. I took some pictures–yes, I remembered to take my camera!

This is what I will remember from the 2015 IQA Chicago show——–


The Prairie Burr Oak by Jean Sredl


Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 12 by Barbara Schneider


Rooflines #2 by Colleen Kole


Rough Bark by Marianne Williamson


Reflections Reflecting, Peggy Brown


Reading Matter by Sally Hutson

IQA 9 IQA 10

Silver Birch Grove by Sandra Poteet

IQA 12 IQA 11

Dotting Inside the Box by Sandi Snow

IQA 13 IQA 14

Social Networking by Phyllis Campbell, quilted by Monica Gum

There were others, but these……………just wow!


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Starting fresh

Workshop project–I love learning new things, especially when the project WORKS!

Door 8

This is the picture I wanted to turn into a quilted wall hanging, but it needed to fit into a specific size for our group exhibit proposal. Well, I worked hard to try and make it fit that size and format, but this is a horizontal picture all the way. It did not want to be squeezed and stretched into a vertical shape! So glad I brought more than one picture from which to choose!

AND it gave me a chance to practice again on the method we were using in the class. Bonus!

Here’s my drawing/plan. I was looking for fabric to use for the bricks and re-found a bunch of silk drapery samples that I’ve had stashed away.

brick door 1

It was one of those AHA! moments and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

brick door 2

I also picked out some shadow material, because the shadows are such an important part of the picture.

brick door 3

So–door selected and drawn out–check. Fabrics selected for bricks and shadows–check. Background fabric? Burgundy wool–check. Start prepping the bricks and layout to see if it’s actually going to work–check!

brick door 4

Oh, yes—-this is going so well, I almost can’t work fast enough to get from thought to fabric! I had to stop before I got the shadows on, but that’s just as well. It will take a bit more “fiddly” work to get those figured out and placed correctly. If I don’t get that part right…for me, I think all the rest is simply a background for the shadows on the door!

brick door 5

Hope to get back to it soon. However, there are some unexpected commitments cropping up, so it may be a few days. I am eager to finish this one!!


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