Hand work

I have not been doing much hand work lately. Probably because I haven’t been sitting around the living room much lately! I’ve forgotten how easy it is to have some pieces sitting on the table ready to pick up and stitch on.

This one is slightly larger than my usual, but it needs the extra borders for color.

Ready to go……………

End of the day, or beginning of the day, hand work is so relaxing.


More dye and discharge

Quick post to show you the pieces so far–these are up on the wall grouped by type.

I’m thinking of arranging things in traditional forms–kind of, of course.

I have more of both colored and black fabric and there is always tons and tons of arranging before I come to any final decisions.

And you ask about size? We are looking at a design wall area about 5′ x 6′. The finished piece will probably be smaller than that, but it could just as well grow with those extra pieces. Hard to say at this point! I do think I want to get this to the finished top stage before I work anymore on the turquoise one, but I sure am eager to get some leaves painted.

I am so lucky. I never run out of ideas to play with!

Not watching paint dry

I’ve done a post or two where I’ve been stopped in a project while waiting for paint to dry. That might happen on this project, but right now I’m waiting for the paint to arrive!

But while I wait, I’ve started to come up with a plan for the Big Idea. I sketched out a bit of a plan, which is totally unlike my usual style of working.

It’s not a ‘real’ blueprint, that I will make and stick to…it’s just an idea page. Lots of notes and what-ifs. Several methods to explore and that may happen with other and smaller projects. For this one, I want to stick with my original inspiration and concept.

And what is that? Raw edges, texture showing with batting, high contrast on top of the background, lots and lots…and lots and lots of stitching.

All the other methods and alternate avenues of exploration need to be kept under control until this one idea is finished. My mind comes up with different scenarios at lightning speed that my hands, of course, cannot keep up with. No sidetracks………….except for what I need to do to keep busy until that paint order gets here!!!!

Practice piece

Trying out stamping on my piece with white and quilting with black, as a practice for a possible method for expressing my Big Idea. As I showed you previously, the white paint is pretty transparent.

I quilted the leaves with white thread and that didn’t really add much to their definition. Next step was quilting the background in black. I knew that close stitching would work best but I didn’t want straight lines or stippling. I decided on pebbles, and liked it.

In this close up, it seems as though the white areas will end up well defined, but by the time I finished and stepped away far enough to take a picture of the whole block….

The leaves still look too transparent to me. I may go in and add more paint, but maybe not, since this is mostly for a trial run. While I was out running around, I did not stop at a shop that sold screen printing ink, but I did (finally) bite the bullet and ordered some, since I needed a few other things anyway. It should be here in a few days and I am eager to see how it works!

In the meantime, I will get that dyed batting ready to go and try to figure out and decide on a real design for this Big Idea piece. I still am very unsure of what I will do, but I love the prints with the real leaves and am leaning towards something with those.

Grandson hockey season ended today–kind of…he may play a few more games with another team and time for that always takes priority over studio time! Oh, yes, it’s still also springtime yard and garden season so it’s time to start wishing for more than 24 hours in a day. Glad I no longer stress over things that don’t get done!!!

Quilt Show

Easy blog post today, since I went to the Sauder Village Quilt Show. I took quite a few pics, which I will insert in a slideshow for you. What I did NOT take pictures of were all the lovely more traditional quilts in the show. Many, many lovely items, but nothing that jumped into my camera. I’m not always great at attribution, so that’s all to the good. I concentrated on quilts by people I know and the special exhibit that our Knot Even Quilter’s group submitted. Special shout out to Kathy’s daughters, Heather and Jennica, who are not quilters but who are definitely artists! This is what they produced for our Text and Texture challenge.

Here is our Text and Texture Challenge

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And pictures of my friends other quilts, several with ribbons attached!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am always astonished at how many people this show attracts. The place was packed! Which is wonderful for those of us who love the textile arts. Worth a visit.

Such excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An abundance of sarcasm here…I have been inspired by looking at the art of Paula Kovarik and I’m thinking of using up those obnoxious turquoise scraps in a different way than I ever have before.

My first step is based on the idea of quilting the little blocks separately, and I don’t want to use white batting. So I’m going to dye it!

Here’s the exciting part………I’m soaking it in soda ash.

Wooo hooooo!

And I have an unending supply of turquoise scraps that I keep sewing

and trimming and making into blocks.

It’s not at all exciting but you have to do the work to get to the WORK!!!

Keep stitching, everyone!

Done is better than perfect.

I have to remind myself of that fact whenever things don’t go as I had planned. And this project did not go as planned from the very beginning. From purple to red to turquoise, it was constantly changing. And now I’m trying to figure out how to take it from mostly traditional to a little bit funky!

Pretty much gave up on any fancy quilting. Trying simple repeated lines in the setting triangles.

Simple but they look fine. Then I thought I’d try some couching, since the ribbon didn’t work………

It really did nothing and I’m becoming a ripping expert on this piece! I decided to try the ribbon again, with regular rather than metallic thread and a better presser foot for applying it.

It does not matter what you use, ribbon yarn does NOT lay straight, stay straight or care what you want it to do! So, it’s done and looks fine, but not perfect. I can live with that!

Really couldn’t think of anything else to add that would improve the piece, so all it needed was the remainder of the setting triangles to be quilted.

Finishing that up, putting some binding on, and calling this one done. I’m not at all sure what I will do with it, but I’m thinking someone will like it more than I do. It just never measured up to the picture in my head.

And then I put the binding on, which was the same light turquoise as the back, and it looked bad. So I slapped a round of ribbon on top of that and now it is done!

Yes, done is much better than perfect, any day of the week. Looking forward to whatever the world puts in front of me next!