A little thinking…

As I have mentioned more than once, I don’t usually pre-plan my quilting designs. I know that many people do, but it’s just not my way of working.¬† So I got the Harvest Moons quilt ready to go and pretty easily figured out what I wanted to do…until I came to the crescent parts!

Quite a few sections like this and I didn’t know what to do with them.

Thought about pebbles…random meandering…echoing the curve…outlining each crescent piece…nothing seemed right and all seemed like it would mean a big wrestling match with the quilt. After a little thought, I had a Duh! moment. The quilting was simply outlining the geometrics in the print and it seemed like something similar would be perfect for those spaces.

Yes, there was some wrestling, but I guess you can’t avoid that when doing a large quilt on a small machine! And it actually went very quickly.

Tomorrow’s job will be label, binding, sleeve and deciding if this is something that should go in the January exhibit! And I thought I was done with those exhibit thoughts………….need to make my selections and stick with them.

Anyway, this¬† will be done tomorrow and that means moving on to another new—oh, no-no-no–older project. I have several of those scrap baby quilts left to quilt. They are ready to go and looking at me with guilt making colors! Better get them done, even though there are no babies on the horizon. They will find a new home, though, but that can’t happen until they are finished.

ONWARD to finishing!


Start of a finish

Trying hard to stick to my resolution–no new projects until I clear up some of the old. And it’s not like I don’t love them. I do. But quilting a full-size quilt takes a lot longer than creating a 16 x 20 piece, so I procrastinate.

This is the project I have decided to finish up.

Don’t recall what I might have called it during assembly, but today it has the name of Harvest Moons.

And since I rarely, if ever, plan out a quilting pattern, it took me a few minutes to figure out what I was going to do.

I am simply following the shapes in the pattern, randomly.

On the orange. Still have to figure out what I’m going to do on the blue, and there are fan-shapes and crescent shapes of both.

It looks good on the back so far, so I’m definitely going to continue the orange fabric like this.

Now that I’ve actually started on the time consuming part of the work, I’m okay with spending all the time necessary to do it right.

So–stick to the resolution! No new projects until at least this older is finished!

One little bit MORE

What’s a night light picture without a bit of glitter? Had to add a little bit more to that piece and now I think I can let it alone…perhaps!

In the full picture, you can’t even tell I’ve added any gold sparkly thread.

It does sparkle a bit in the light. You can almost tell in the detail shots.

But even if the pictures don’t show that detail, it adds enough to make me happier.

Now I am going to get it out of my house or else I will keep adding more things to it!

Puttering day

Mostly thinking about new projects and which projects should move up or down the priority list.

I have a new commission, using this fabric.

It will be whole cloth, and I’m doing something I don’t usually do…

planning out some of the stitching! Circles and rays, so far. May stick with that, may not.

So I moved on to thoughts of another sample for the class I’m teaching at Textiles Fabric Shop in Milan in January.

Originally going to use solid black and then the blacks with color, but that looked too dead. I made a few blocks and threw them up on the design wall.

I may need a few more of the medium size, or perhaps the addition of the extra fabrics for assembly will be enough. Can’t seem to stick with it today though…maybe I have a tired brain. Tomorrow will certainly be soon enough!

USE that stash!

Old fabric being used up is always a good thing! It makes me so happy to have finally assembled that fabric sample pack from years ago.

No obsessing over where things go or how best to showcase any part of it. I just sewed large pieces together and added chunks until it fit.

It certainly is not your typical organized little quilt, but it is done. I do wonder, though, if I should put a narrow black border or if a black binding will do the trick. Hmmm…

And the leftovers from the scrap basket…

Truly USED up!

What’s up next?

Usually when I finish one project, I have several others clamoring to be started. That is the case this time, but I’m ignoring them. I want to do some time consuming experiments and as we head into the Christmas season, as well as being in hockey season, long sessions of working time are hard to come by. This is the time to work on no-brainers that can be picked up and put down as time allows.

Some black and whites jumped off the shelves and I thought I’d work with them.

Ironed and pressed and stacked up–yeah, there is a lot of fabric, but it’s stuff that I’ve used and used and it doesn’t interest me much right now. I’d rather wait and start a purposeful black and white project.

Then I found this pile of a sample pack of fabrics that I bought quite a few years ago. I’ve tried to use them several times and have not made much progress. This time I am determined to use them up.

I have a bolt of black and it will be used as filler. I’m going to use the fabrics in big chunks rather than cut them up into any kind of blocks other than what I’ve already done. It will be fine, I’m sure…………..and it will be used up!!

Funky edges

It’s all about the fun and funky and unique! The striped chair was both fun and unique, but it’s the edging that wins for funky!

Yes, I wanted my quilting to have a sketchy look and this one came out closer to that than the first one, for sure.

And all that boring straight line quilting made it very, very easy to add lines when I added the backing.

See–can’t even tell which are original and which are added, yet necessary to hold the three layers together. That part was actually pre-planned!

But it’s the edging that I am totally in love with! Re-cycled sari yarn–I love to pick it up when I see a good color skein and I use it whenever I can.

THIS–yes, this–

I’m soooo happy with this!

But, it’s done………………what’s next? I have no idea. Isn’t that exciting? The entire world of possbilities awaits me now. Hmmmmmmm….