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Bump in the road

Even though I said I wasn’t going to count my Weekly Special projects, I couldn’t help myself. I felt a need to see if I was on track for my goal of finishing one a week. This is week 9.

WS count 1

I have eight done, so I’m close. I’m putting quite a bit more work into these than I first anticipated, but I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I think if I don’t keep exactly to one per week, but stay close, I’ll be satisfied. The ultimate goal is to discipline myself into always having something to work on…and work on it.

There are a few more ready to go, or close to ready.

WS count 2

I do love those gingkoes!

The embroidered leaves on batting need some quilting around them to hold theĀ  parts together before they are mounted. I thought a simple outline and echoing would be fine. Ummm…not so much!

WS bad quilting 1

I think it looks awful. Totally takes away from the embroidery and beading.

WS bad quilting 2

I’m going to try a more neutral thread color and maybe not an outline. Probably a simple spiral.

Right now I need to spend some time removing some dark green thread! Not my favorite process…


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New “stuff”

While I’m on vacation, I usually hit every fabric, bead and thrift shop in the vicinity. This time, I seriously avoided the fabric stores, because I AM trying not to accumulate more fabric. However, I did visit some bead and thrift stores and has some success spending my few little dollars!

Actually, the only piece of fabric I bought was a silk tie at my favorite thrift shop.

Silk tie

Aren’t the colors scrumptious? There is a surprising amount of fabric in a tie, so this will turn up in more than one piece, I’m sure. I took a couple of skinny, free cut strips and added them to the piece I was working on.

Spinner 1

There will be more beading, but this is where it’s at right now.

Speaking of beads…here are the beads I took with me, planned for use on this piece.

Spinner plus beads

I stopped at the bead store to see if there was anything interesting to add to these. I kind of went overboard and stocked up on a few other beauties!

Spinner new beads

Obviously not to go on this piece, but I sure do love gorgeous, shiny “stuff.” I honestly tried to be restrained and only went into the store twice. But then the ladies wanted to see what I had been working on, so I had to go back. And I knew that we were leaving in a couple of days…well, what’s a bead addict to do?

And here’s the biggest lovely bit of “stuff” that I brought back—Beaded bag

It’s probably made in some sweat shop and I’ll go to hell for supporting exploitation, but I had to have it! Totally beaded, totally useless and totally beautiful!

That’s it for today’s “stuff”–what I’m doing and what I’ve done to NOT be de-stashing! Now back to work to use some of this up!


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Major leaf printing

You know by now that I love to use leaves for stamping paint on fabric. Both last year and this year while we were in Florida, there was a large leaf that kept shouting at me to use it. I ignored it until our last day there and then I broke down, bought a chunk of fabric and some paint. I wanted gray, and couldn’t believe the store I was at did not have gray fabric paint! So I settled for yellow, with white to temper it.

The first print was very pale, but I think I’ll be able to use it. I had to darken it to show it here, it’s so pale!

Frond yellow 1

But you can’t really tell what it is! The next one was quite a bit darker.

Frond yellow 3

And you can start to see that it’s a philodendron selloumphilodendron selloum

and these things are BIG!! I picked a smaller leaf–it was only as long as my arm!

I did a couple of smaller ‘parts’ of the leaf and a half leaf, which is my favorite!

Frond yellow 2

The last print I did was was using the leaf as a mask and just painting around the edges. I like it a lot, too.

Frond yellow 4

You know by now that I don’t work on projects in a linear fashion. I will do something with these, but it’s not going to be tomorrow. It’ll be whenever and I’ll show you when I do something, but it’s an idea in the bank now…several ideas, actually, because these are huge!

Don’t know what I’ll be working on next…there are so many possibilities. I prefer that term to UFO’s! Stay tuned!


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WordPress has informed me that I have published post number 777. Actually, more than that now. Doesn’t a number like that mean I should give something away?

I’m sure that someone, somewhere could use a couple of fat quarters of fabric. I think I can find some to share!


Just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to pick someone with whom to share!

Comments closed so that I can pick a winner! Thanks, everyone, for participating!


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Simple = Subtle

Subtle is very rarely part of my vocabulary. I like it when I see it, but I sure can’t produce it! I think I may have done it this time.

The leaves were stamped–yes, using actual gingko leaves and metallic paint. I have a couple other ones, too, that will be coming up soon. I would like to keep them all simple and subtle…good luck to me! Oh, yes, I have shown them to you before.

Playing with paint 4

Simply mounted on a neutral background, beaded with only a single bead color. My question is adding beads around the black, after the leaves have been done.

A line on the black…

Black:gold gingko detail 1

or a line on the neutral…

Black:gold gingko detail 2

Turns out that my subconsious made the decision before I even recognized the question. My needle only let me add the beads in a little picot on the beige fabric.

Black:gold gingko detail 3

And I’m hoping that I can actually call this one subtle—and mean it!

Black:gold gingko

Does it need any quilting?



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Random thoughts…


Random 1

A reminder that Florida is a semi-tropical jungle

Magnolia-spring 3 Magnolia-spring 2 Magnolia-spring 1

Early spring inspiration

Random 3

Ever present Spanish Moss…which is neither Spanish nor moss!


Fruit trees everywhere

Orange in tree

Some–not so appetizing!

Random 2

Even the most neglected trees try to produce

Random 5

Spring really is here!

Catlow 2 Catlow 1

More glass art out in Marilyn Catlow’s yard

There’s always something to see and marvel at…


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This week’s special

Getting caught up with my Weekly Special resolve for this year! I really don’t think I’ll keep count until about June. By that time I’ll need to check and see that I’m still on track for one per week…OR I’ll be so sick of doing these little pieces that I’ll decide to move on to some other “regularly scheduled” practice!

WS leaf beads

Isn’t it funny how the camera catches things that you don’t notice when you are looking at the actual piece? This one obviously needs a good pressing before I mount it.

I also find it hard to keep things simple. This is kind of subtle and elegant and I should definitely leave it alone. But there is something in me that wants to keep adding more lines of beads and maybe some fringe. STOP! Walk away from it and call it done!

WS leaf beads detail 1

I loved these big leaf pendants when I first saw them, and I still love them. If/when I sell these small pieces, I think there will be quite a few that I will miss and remember fondly.

WS leaf beads detail 2

On the other hand, if/when I get actual money for them, that can ease the sorrow as I go shopping for new beads!

As always on Friday, I’m linking up to Off the Wall Friday!


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