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Tiny bits of work

This piece has been laying on top of a pile of wool, quietly waiting for me to get back to it. It must have become impatient, because I’ve been feeling it glaring at me all week! I guess it’s time to get it finished.

FL paint leaf 15

Quilting some more pebbles was my first task, to make sure my background gave the leaf enough support. I’m not sure where it will be trimmed, but I have decided that it will have a corded edge finish. That gives me the freedom to have any shape to the edge that I desire.

I outlined the leaf with a copper yarn and that was about it for the sewing machine today. I tried out a heavier stitching on the leaf veins, but it added nothing, so that probably won’t happen. Maybe there will be beads to define those veins!!

FL paint leaf 16

Because I quilted it without following the rules–and I really do know better–it is unfixably distorted. No amount of blocking will fix this one!

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but it’s horribly wavy down by the stem of the leaf.

FL paint leaf 17

I’m thinking that I will cut….gasp!!!….into the piece along the stem, probably the right side, and overlap the pieces to flatten things out. At the same time, it will add a bit of 3D to the piece. If I chicken out of that, I’ll probably just make the whole edge wavy and try to pretend that I meant it that way!

That decision is going to be left for another day, but I totally feel this piece pressuring me into getting it done! Guilt works on me!



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Details…and pre-planned!

Prepping canvas

Canvas prep

and sewing sleeves on quilts

Sleeve prep

can only get you so far through a sewing day. Boredom sets in quickly when you are doing the ‘have-tos’ and not the ‘want-tos’.

Even if you have a ton of unfinished projects, there is no reason to hold back from creating something new. However, it moves things along much more quickly if you have the project all planned out in your head ahead of time.

I previously created a piece called Is This El Dorado? from these fabrics,

Is This El Dorado? 1

New project 12

and had always planned on making at least one more piece from the same fabrics.

The pre-planning happened in my subconscious while the leftovers from the first piece marinated in a drawer for months. When I pulled them out of the drawer today, the pieces just flew together.

The first step, though, was either trimming the edges without fusible or adding fusible to edges that I wanted to keep.

Desert sunset 2

And I wasn’t concerned about using up all my fabric because I actually have quite a bit extra that I could create more shapes from if I needed them.

Desert sunset 3

Grabbed the background fabric I wanted to use…kind of dark and foreboding, or late into a sunset…and started adding the pieces.

Desert sunset 1

Horizontal format this time, very narrow, is what the picture in my head dictated to me. This is around 50″ across so plenty of room to spread out my “city.” Rearranged pieces and straightened the bottom edges.

Desert sunset 4

My subconscious is quite pleased with what I did today. That pre-planning really helped the process along.

Maybe I should do it more often!



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And after the reception…

The weather was rainy, foggy and cold. Even so, some brave souls ventured out to my artist reception and I really appreciate that support.

My two best guys were there (and my other best guy, my son, came later )


though AJ certainly cared more about the snacks than the art!

See the smiles? We enjoyed ourselves, and it was not due to the wine!



My brother Mike and family stopped by on their way from Lansing to Blissfield. Loved that! He even bought a piece for his wife for her birthday!


In fact, she didn’t let it out of her hands, even when she looked at my other stuff.

And just for fun, I thought I’d post a picture of me! Sorry I didn’t get pictures of everyone, but I was busy talking!


Fun night! Thanks to everyone who braved the elements.

Now I’m ready to get out some sewing tools and fabric and relax!


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And the show is hung!

It’s becoming a habit–and I love it! After all the detail work to get there, once a show is actually up on the wall, it’s a very good feeling.

I owe this one all to my friend Mary. She is on the LCVA board, and she nominated me to them for the exhibit, even though I am not a member of the group. She guided me through their hanging process and we got it done quite rapidly.


You’ve seen these pieces before, but it’s always better when they are hanging on a wall.


Even The Magic Red Tree looks like it should take up permanent residence on someone’s wall.


This piece started out as a humorous take on retro fabric and then I really started to like it! It’s been shy and this is it’s first time out in public.


Hope people show up for the artist reception, but I’m good even if they don’t…’cause it’s just good to have a show!



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It sometimes takes toooooo long!

This Friday I’m setting up another exhibit of my work. It’s for the Lenawee Council for Visual Arts and there will be a reception on Friday. All good!

However, I have to update my inventory, which I haven’t done since October. And then make labels and be sure that everything has a sleeve and is ready to hang. Getting all the details right after months of neglect…well, it just takes a lot of time.

It is nice to see what you actually have in your inventory! And it’s nice to know that you have made a few new things to add to your inventory!

I don’t think I ever showed you this piece.

Wall 2

It’s another 12 x 12. I really do love making these small pieces.

So…I guess that’s all I have to tell you for today. Lots of detail work and nothing much tangible to show for it. Maybe I’ll be able to start something new yet this week, if I work hard to finish up all these details.

And read this for the whiny voice I’m using….it just takes soooooooo long!



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Busy day, lazy day…

That seems to be the pattern of my days lately. Maybe it’s just because I have a cold or maybe it’s the holiday feeling, but there seems to be a lot of laziness floating around right now.

I must have been very lazy after I worked on my last piece. I walked downstairs to the studio and was greeted by the contents of this basket in the middle of the floor. I usually at least shove the basket back under the table!

Throw scraps 1

There were some triangular strips and partial blocks from a long ago quilt that caught my eye. I thought there might be enough there to finish up for a baby quilt, so I pulled out all the pieces I could find.

Throw scaps 2

Lots of triangles and a few blocks with stringy, unfinished edges. It all looked pretty raggedy, but I thought I’d see what I could do with it.

Throw scaps 3

Sometimes it’s not worth the effort! Sometimes you just have to break down and throw away a few scraps of fabric. Much as I hate to do it, not every scrap of fabric is save-worthy! Yet, even as I was dropping them into the trash, I kept thinking that there must be a way to use them! I will keep the four finished blocks, which are each a different size, by the way, but those skinny, raggedy triangles had to go.

There were some strips of fabrics that were part of the pile, though. They may be vintage now, but strips are always usable.

Throw scaps 4

They won’t end up being used on this lazy day, though. It must be almost naptime already!



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New year, new piece

These little 12 x 12 pieces that I’ve been making over the past year are a real joy. Even though I haven’t quite met my goal of one a week, I came pretty close. Today I went down to the studio determined to start something new. That usually means grab a piece of fabric and start throwing other fabrics with it until an idea emerges. So, that’s what I did!

Print fabric 2

Started with this print and found some scraps that went along with it.

Print fabric 1

Some simple stitching and selecting some beads and I’m all set for a little beading while I watch football!

Print fabric 3

However, I am not thrilled with my inadvertant design ‘mistake’. That purple line is right through the center and that’s not good. There are a lot of things I could do to try and fix it, but I think I’ll just live with it this time! The next one will always be the better one…

And with the finished piece, I rotated that center line and added some dangles to draw the eye around the piece.

Fabric print 5

Fun and done. What a good start to the new year!!!!


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