Beaded Ornaments

Aren’t these ornaments cute?

I taught a small class of 3 last night and I think there are now 3 more converts to bead obsession! When you find out how easy it is to add beads to quilts…well, you are ready to head to the nearest bead shop and stock up!

As usual, I forgot to get my camera out until the end of the night and Barb had already left, but Marilyn and Maryann worked right up until the very last minute.

And you know that I absolutely love teaching, so I had a wonderful evening! Guess I need to get busy and set up some more local classes so I can do more teaching and have more fun…it’s a tough chore, but I’m willing to do it!

And perhaps I should make a little trip to the bead store, just to make sure I keep up on my stash of beads!


12 thoughts on “Beaded Ornaments

  1. I enjoyed this class so much! I have always been intimadated by beading but not anymore. Kathy is an AWESOME teacher!!!! I hope we convinced her to teach more classes at the Quilting Season in Saline next year:) And, guess who went to the bead store today????? Yep, I stocked up and am ready to go. Thanks again, Kathy!


  2. This looks interesting. So did them make them in groups and then cut them apart? Or Is the first picture your samples and you supply the ornaments and they beaded them? Pretty cool either way.


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