Hey, Caroline–look what I did!

The Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild has a Secret Stalker swap that is a favorite of all the members. We draw a name and then “stalk” that person on social media, in order to make a personalized small quilt for them. Caroline drew my name and did a super job on my swap. She not only made a small quilt, but she gave me an extra large mug for my love of coffee and beads for my other addiction!

It’s been a while, and I finally used the beads and mug and added to the piece. I copied the design on the mug onto the piece with a thread sketch and then added the beads on the design.

AAMQG Carolyn 2

The bead colors were perfect and now I’ll have all the parts and memories of the Secret Stalker gift all together in one piece.

Caroline–it took me a while, but it was such a thoughtful gift from you. I had lots of fun adding to it. Thanks!

AAMQG Carolyn 1

Can’t wait until the next Secret Stalker swap!


4 thoughts on “Hey, Caroline–look what I did!

  1. Love what you did! I’m so glad you added to the piece; now it’s truly a special piece. It was fun making the mini (my first one ever!). I was such a nervous wreck making it and you were so gracious at the big reveal. I never thought to check if the beads were colorfast, my apologies if they aren’t. I enjoy reading about your quilting adventures and happy to contribute to them! –caroline


    • The beads you go were totally high quality beads–it never ocurred to me to check them for colorfastness! And I don’t plan on washing this, so that won’t be a problem. And I love this piece! Thank you again.

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