Next deadline coming up…

My next “deadline project” is started…just barely. I have the picture in my head of what I want to do, but I keep adding to it whenever I close my eyes. I’m afraid to doze off for fear that it might grow beyond my capacity!

In my mind, the background of my piece is covered in writing. There is fabric out there that has text printed on it, but none of it seemed quite right. My friend Gayle loaned me some alphabet stamps and stencils and she had the perfect stamp!

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It’s called Fantasy Script and here’s what it looks like stamped on the fabric.


I love the little sponge roller brushes for putting paint on the stamp and I use cheap cutting mats for paint palettes. Makes clean up a snap!


There was just a bit of paint left on the palette after the fantasy writing was done, so I put another bit of lettering on a scrap of my hand dye.


This project is looking like such a lot of fun already. Can’t wait to get back at it!

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    • I had to go buy white paint, so you KNOW I never think of white, either. But my brain was processing contrary ideas, so that’s the direction we went! I’m excited about finishing this one!


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