KEQ Collage

The Knot Even Quilters had another fun collage day. This time we all brought a piece of green background fabric, fat quarter size and then added elements. Last time we kept our shapes primarily geometric and this time we tried to cut some more organic shapes. It was quite a different feeling, also, to be working on many individual pieces and not working together on one larger piece.

Here are the pics–not all good, and I apologize–then I’ll tell you what we learned! Click on any picture for a larger look.

We forgot our lesson from the last collage day! We needed to place larger pieces first, not try to fit them in later or forget about them entirely.

We had lots more smaller detail pieces on these. We tried to make some of those details on top of larger pieces, but we really did not have enough of that kind of contrast.

Because we had fat quarter pieces to begin with, we scattered our pieces all over the entire piece. When we took a time out to do an assessment, we agreed that we needed to scrunch our pieces closer together. There was too much open, empty space when we spread out over the full fat quarter. The elements weren’t connecting with each other, either physically or artistically. We were all happier with our results when we scrunched them in!

We did not try to coordinate any type of color scheme. Last time we all brought “brights.” We might have done better if we had planned a color scheme. Don’t know for sure–just a feeling I have.

These types of exercises are just so much fun! It makes us all think hard about the design elements of good art, about color and shape and line…maybe next time we play like this we will go with a smaaaaaallllleer size where every single element takes on much more importance.

Can’t wait to see what is done with these. Trish and Julia both finished and brought what they had created from the last collage day….I didn’t have my camera and forgot about my phone, so I don’t have photos. Hope to get all the finished pieces from both collage days next time AND remember my camera!


9 thoughts on “KEQ Collage

    • When working on something for yourself, it is better to take more time. When playing with a group, it’s a whole different story! Throw it on and analyze and re-arrange later, usually at home, with much more thought! But it’s really fun to play with a group.


  1. focus? movement? quiet space to rest eyes? consideration of value to create some feeling of connection?……can’t find any of these. Neat concept to start with, but maybe more playtime needed.


    • OH, Judy, you are so right! This is what happens when you don’t have quite enough rules to start with. We had fun, though, and we learned a lot. And with more time, we probably would have changed quite a bit. Limited time worked well for the brights on black, but this one needed more…of everything!


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