Blue background and paint

Plain blue background, made to be nothing more than the support for…..something. But what?

WS blue strips

I think it seems to be calling for paint! So, I spent more than a few happy moments going through my stencils and stamps and screens. And quite a few more moments deciding on paint colors. Always a good time–and then I get to actually use them!

Went with an all over grid of circles-

Blue bkgrd step 1

and green, orange and white paint, with a touch of yellow. Lots of nice circles, but most of them were too fuzzy and the overall effect was still all background and no focal point.

Blue bkgrd step

I thought I would try to emphasize a couple of the larger circles as focal points, so I made a couple of freezer paper templates. More paint, paint, paint!

Blue bkgrd step 2


Worked like a charm! And it’s always good to have a scrap of fabric handy for using up excess paint.

Blue bkgrd step 3

Blue bkgrd step 5

Blue bkgrd step 6

It’s hard to see the quilting lines, but I used copper colored holographic thread for a little sparkle, and of course, there will be beads! I will have to figure out what color to paint the canvas, since a bit will show on the top as well as the sides.

Blue bkgrd step 4

And black is not always the answer! I’ll try for that blue, I think. But beads first!!!


6 thoughts on “Blue background and paint

  1. Wow. There is a lot going on on that surface. It will be interesting to see what you do with the beads. That will be a challenge. Those clean up rags have some potential also.


    • It’s very busy, but that’s why it needs the beads! The background needs to recede from the focal point and the only way that’s gonna happen at this point is to gussy up the focal point!


  2. Beautiful work! I’m a little confused about one thing though – the two rectangular photos immediately above the last photo – are those images on the front? on the back? A close-up that I had not noticed? They are simply gorgeous! But, Where am I missing them?


      • Ahhhh…..well, they are beautiful! If you decide on a blue binding/border, would these “painted scraps” work as an additional border? I’d hate to see such lovely work not used!


        • They will probably be incorporated into another of the Weekly Special 12 x 12’s. There’s not very much of it…maybe 20″ or so. I often seem to like my clean up cloth better than my main project!


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