Another quilt guild weekend…

Being Program Chair of the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild has been both a challenge and a great joy. It’s a lot–and I mean a LOT–of work, but there has been so much fun. Interacting with great teachers and seeing great quilts and learning new techniques. Wonderful!

This past weekend was one more great weekend. Our teacher was Karen Turckes (you other quild program chairs, take note!) and she taught Fabric Manipulation

Turckes 1 Turckes 2 Turckes 3

and then her Color and Dye workshop.

Turckes 4

Wow! That woman knows so much in both those areas. Marvelous workshops.

And now it’s time to get back to reality.

Doctor and dentist appointments–now that’s reality for ya!!!

But then I can do some more quilting on my latest project and some more beading on my slow stitching project and some more knitting-in-front-of-the-TV. Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild meets this week, too. It’s football season and it’s almost the pre-season for hockey and there are new shows starting to air. There is a lot to do in the fall gardening season, too. Teaching is on the agenda for the end of the month and on into November. And there’s the little matter of the Artisan Showcase being planned for October 18 here at my house.

Hmmmm…I thought the guild weekend was busy and getting back to reality would be relaxing. I think I’ll look back on the busy weekend as the relaxation time!!!


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If only I could remember…

I often say that if my head wasn’t attached, I’d lose it. I’m supposed to give away some fabric and forgot completely about it.

I have some hand-dyes that need to find a new home and there were only a few comments on the blog where I posted about the giveaway.

Dye 2

So I think I’ll send a piece of fabric to all of you! Have fun!

Melanie M, Irene, Mary Stori, Sharon R., karenm, Jan R, Maree Rogers, Paula Y., Coolquilting, Judy F



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Black or white?

I’m putting together some samples for teaching a beading class from a kit. Trying to keep it generic, inexpensive and do-able in one session.

Came up with this stamped design. It’s about 4 x 6″ and my kit can then be a mix of anything!

Sparklie bead class 1

I like to show finished projects for samples, so I’m mounting this and my other stamped design on a 6 x 6″ canvas. The question is Black canvas or White canvas?

Sparklie bead class 2

Sparklie bead class 3

And the winner is….BLACK!

Sparklie bead class 4

For both designs…

Sparklie bead class 5

See the smudge of paint on the left hand side? That’s why this is my sample, and not going into a kit. I may try to cover it over with a smudge of white paint, just to see if it works!

Haven’t figured out yet when I’m going to teach this, but you’ll be among the first to know!


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What’s New?

I’m working on a show for my friends and myself! We make art and we need to showcase what we make…sooooooooo, I’m having an Artisan Showcase.

Showcase Photo

I’m so looking forward to this even though it means I have to really buckle down and do some house cleaning! That’s the only drawback to this that I can think of, since I hate to clean!

This is something I have wanted to do for several years and just never pursued. It’s about time that it’s not just talk, talk, talk. I’m excited!


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Someone keeps count…

I imagine a darkened room with a group of pasty-skinned accountants keeping track of who publishes what…I know the reality is a bit of computer programming that can add, but I’ve been informed by WordPress that I have published 700 posts.


Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But it’s really not much when you just think of it as posting little bits of what I am doing as I go along day to day.

It sounds like I should have a giveaway or something, though, doesn’t it?

Okay—who wants a fat quarter of hand-dyed fabric? My choice.

My Wall O' Color!

Stand up and be counted for a chance and I’ll share with you!


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A quilt for me!

It’s quite rare that I make a full size quilt anymore and even more rare that it would be for my own use! As I was making the second sample for my Improv With a Modern Slant class, (The Quilt Patch) I kept getting stopped because it wasn’t big enough. Finally realized that I want it for a throw on my couch! It needed to be big enough to snuggle under, not just a wall hanging size.

I had already made enough pieces with red, so as I assembled it, I just kept spreading them out and adding in more and more cream.

I’m finally happy with the size and look of it.

Red improv mod 1

Doesn’t all that blank cream space highlight the need for intense quilting? Can’t wait to get to that part of the job. I love free motion quilting!


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Variety…or distraction!

Working on my slow stitching project has been proceeding…well, slooooowly. It was honestly starting to get a little boring to work on the same thing for so long, even though I loved every bit of what I was doing. However, I have lots more work planned to add to it and it seemed like it was stretching on forever. That’s the point where I obviously needed a break from it.

Wool cotton project 15

I discovered these little projects from this spring tucked into my beading bag. I had totally forgotten about them and decided that they would be a perfect distraction from the wool/cotton project. (I really wish this project would give me a name for itself!)

Small projects 12

They were so close to finished that it only took me a few hours of beading to get them both finished!

Small project 13

This is much more subdued than my usual work, but I really love it.

Small projects 14

And this photographed a little darker than it actually is, but I love turquoise and love this piece.

And while I was in the studio mounting these, I got out my new screen and printed my logo onto the backs of my small projects. I’m so happy with this. I got a small version also that I’m making labels with.

Logo used 1

I do need some practice doing the actual screen printing, though!

Connecting to Off the Wall Friday…come check out all the blogs that are linking up there.


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