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Our 44th wedding anniversary



It’s a party day around here!!!


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One last decision…or two…

The map quilt is pretty much finished. All the elements are sewn together and it could be called done. But there are still a couple of ‘what ifs’ rolling around in my head.

Deb's Map quilt 1

Does it need a border? Or will a dark binding finish the edge just fine?

Should there be a couple more spots of map fabric? (Don’t have the right software or knowledge to show options here!)

Letting it hang on the design wall until my brain comes up with the answer.

In the meantime, as I’m trying to clear a space to work on the next project, I can register another FAIL. I was trying to use up a whole bunch of coordinating fabrics in this quilt. Started out well, but I can never manage to use up ALL the fabrics. So here I am, stuck with a bunch of little scraps again.

Map scraps

Still, they are good together, and I’ve been making a lot of small works lately…maybe I can just start sewing them together and go until they are actually all used up…it could happen!









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Reading the map

Back to the map quilt…putting the pieces together.

Usually it’s easier to just square everything up and sew straight lines.

Deb's map 12

Other times it’s better for a more organic look to overlap and free cut.

Deb's map 13

Sigh! It takes longer this way, but that’s the look I want for this quilt. It’s a simple design, but it’s taking a while to get that sewing done…okay, back to the machine!

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Lawn chairs 1

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October 26, 2014 · 8:39 AM

Fall chores

I’m not getting my fall garden and yard work done, even though today is perfect for it. I’m doing one of my other important fall chores.

Using real leaves for stamps is one of my favorite things to do. But real leaves don’t last forever so the stock must be renewed…and there is never a shortage of falling leaves in the autumn. They are so beautiful I sometimes wish I could collect them all, not just rake and mulch. But I’m not looking for brilliant colors to copy or paint. I’m planning on using the leaves as stamps and I don’t want them to crumble up into dust when I do it.

Simple prep–gather up a leaf, preferably when it’s still pliable. I love large leaves and try to find the biggest ones in the woods.

Leaf prep 1

If you can use them right away, the paint you put on them will preserve them just fine. Usually, though, I’m not prepared with fabric and paint on the day I remember to pick up some leaves. So, take some glue, water it down just a bit, and coat each side of the leaf liberally.

Leaf prep 2

My favorite glue is PPA from USArtquest, but Elmer’s works fine in a pinch.

I stack them up with sheets of waxed paper in between and set something heavy on them until I’m ready to use them. There really is nothing better to make a leaf print with than a real leaf!

Leaf bead kit 1




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Knitty, knitty…

You can always tell what I’m doing with my days if you see a lot of knitting showing up. That means I’m sitting around doing absolutely nothing, watching TV and probably taking naps!

Lazy knit 1

The only knitting I do anymore is mindless. No patterns, no counting, no shaping…even a simple cable is too much effort.

Seed stitch, garter and stockinette, scarves and hats. I’m also trying to use up all the bits and bobs of yarn I have. Yes, I have a large stash of yarn along with all my fabric and all my beads!

Lazy knit 3

I think I may use up anything that I have a large quantity of and make an afghan for someone for Christmas. I just can’t see that I’m going to be making many more sweaters…I have more now than I need.

Lazy knit 2

I’m glad I have a local charity to which I can donate the scarves. It makes me feel better about my laziness that way!

Maybe I’ll have the gumption to get some sewing done tomorrow!

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Goodbye, Artisans.

Yes, the Artisan Showcase is over. Lots of work for a one day event, but I’ve been wanting to do this for years, so it was a pleasure to do the work.

Started out with some big, bare spaces and started filling them up a bit at a time.AS 1 AS 2 AS 3

The paintings arrived first, along with the felted items…

AS 4 AS 5 AS 6 AS 8

and I started filling in with some of my stuff.

AS 7 AS 9

Enter the glass and more mixed media…

AS 11 AS 12 AS 13

and we were ready!

I did not take one picture during the course of the day, but I talked to everyone who came in and enjoyed myself immensely.

Surprised by some of the people who did not show up as well as those who did. Like my daughter-in-law who came to help wherever she could, all day long! Very few people who came, left without making a purchase which surprised me even more. Many Christmas gifts were purchased and everyone seemed to like the opportunity to shop quality goods.

We ended the day feeling like a group of very talented women…compliments will do that! There were lessons learned about promotion and some initial difficulty getting wifi devices connected to my system! And then we didn’t need them–it was very much a cash/check day…so much easier!

Personally, I loved it and am looking forward to another show next year. And I’m very tired…looking forward very much to a restful day tomorrow.



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