Only backgrounds…

My creativity has been channeled into painting my bathroom this week. That project has long been procrastinated, but now that I’ve finally started it, I can’t wait to get it done. I always wonder why I procrastinate so much with things like this, because it makes me so happy when it’s actually finished!

So not much to report on the project front. I did get one more little background put together. Cotton on wool, machine quilting and just waiting for beads!

small inserts 1

It’s actually just laying on top of the last one I made. No beading being done in the last few days!

I did stop at a bead store on my way to my brother’s on Saturday and picked up a few beads. I must have had this piece on my mind because I tried out the new beads on this piece. Hard to tell from the picture, but I think they might work!

small inserts 2

An alternative that I will try is some olive green small circle beads–oh, wait–maybe those beads surrounded by the new beads!

But wait–wait–wait—finish painting the bathroom first! I need to be able to find my deodorant and toothbrush again!!!


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Shiny or less shiny?

Seems like I stop what I’m doing and write a blog post every time I need to make a decision. Must be my new way of processing my work ’cause I know I haven’t always worked this way. Usually I just plow ahead and hope for the best…which wasn’t always the best, ya know?

Continuing my love affair with small work, my eye was caught by a piece falling out of the scrap box, so that’s where I started! Added some skinny strips, some coral around the outside for a border and now I’m ready to add some beads.

Stones and greens

I sure have a lot of green beads to choose from, don’t I? There are some pinky/coral ones, too, but not nearly as many!

Decision dilemna—more opaque stones?

Opaque stones

or the more shiny, glassy stones?

Shiny stones

It’s not a major problem because I have more of the little scrap squares and I can add some other color that will still go with the beads I don’t use! I’m just not too clear on what I want with the coral…more or less shiny?

I’ve said many times that marketing is something I totally stink at, but I keep thinking that I’m making these for a selling opportunity. Don’t know how, when, where…nothing really lurking…it’s just a feeling. Maybe I can do some positive self-talk and figure it out! If not, I’ll enjoy making them and it’ll just be more junk that my kids will have to take care of when I’m gone. They are going to have to have a biiiiiiiig dumpster!!!!



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My own rules—not!

A few years ago I wrote a couple of patterns. Most of them ended up in my book, but not this very simple one. I needed a baby quilt, so I used it and put a quilt together yesterday.


I glanced through the pattern to refresh my memory on sizes and number of pieces for cornerstones and sashing. I obviously didn’t pay close attention because I didn’t make as many blocks as I did for the pattern. It’s fine for what I wanted…

Schland quilt

…but I ended up with enough extra cornerstones and sashing for about 3 more rows!

Extra pieces

I’ll use up these leftovers somewhere, I’m sure, but it’s pretty silly of me to not even follow my own pattern directions!

My orange and blue beaded piece is all done except for mounting on the canvas. I’m waiting for the paint on the canvas to dry. I went with a third border around the diamond AND fringe! I thought it needed that much beading to balance all the blue fabric…and it was easier to add more beads than cut down the quilted blue part, because of the way I finish these.

Small--orange beads

I stocked up on canvas, too. Got lots of 6 x 6, a few 12 x 12 and a couple odd size 4 x 12. I didn’t get any more 4 x 4 this time. I’ll wait until I use up some of the new ones now! But I’m still loving these little pieces. They fit my short attention span these days.

I’ve been having intermittent internet problems again, too, so if I don’t post for a few days, it could be for that…just so you know! This will be linking to Off the Wall Friday, if everything keeps working!


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Always decision challenged!

Every piece of art I make is just one decision after another. I always say I’m bad at making decisions, but that’s not totally accurate. I’m fine until I get to that one sticking point…it happens on every piece…where I can see multiple correct decisions and have to finalize those choices.

This is the current sticking point…

Another border around the orange square?

Border or fringes 1

Or some funky fringes hanging from the round beads?

Border or fringes 2

Or both?

And I can already see the next decision point…I made this piece 8 x 10 and I’m wondering if it needs to be smaller!

Border or fringes 3

Can’t see an end to these small “sparklies”—went to a gem show yesterday and, of course, picked up more cabachons and cool rock slices to work with! I think I need to consider a good artsy craft show to sell some before I get accused of being a hoarder!


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My 4 x 4′s

I got started on my 4 x 4 pieces a couple of days ago and then I got sidetracked…life does happen!

These 3 are the first ones I’ve finished. The pictures don’t show that they are mounted on those 4 x 4 canvases, which gives them quite a bit of presence. I’m liking them quite a bit, though it’s hard for me to work this small!

This contains bits of wool, hand stitching with embroidery floss and beads.

4 x 4 4


Plain black wool, hand stitching with variegated floss and beads.


4 x 4 2

Hand dyed cotton and floss, beads.

4 x 4 1

I have four more partially completed that will all have a similar look and could be shown grouped together.

4 x 4 5

Simple cotton backgrounds, with some stitching and beads. Here’s a close up of the most colorful.

4 x 4 6

Conclusion: for me, 4 x 4 is too small, but I’m so happy I got to use up the supply of canvases. I like the smaller, square format, but I think 6 x 6 is the smallest I will do in the future. I’ve done 12 x 12 and that’s great, but I believe I need to try 8 and 10″ sizes also. This is a great way to play with some of those unique beads that I’ve collected. All told–keep doing what I’m doing. Not tired of it, by a long shot!

I’ll be linking this to Off the Wall Friday—lots to check out at that site!


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4 X 4

4 X 4 artist canvases…a bunch of them, purchased at a sale price, for an undetermined project…months ago! I have a lot of that kind of stuff sitting around. I often think it’s a bad idea to have so much stuff that isn’t getting used on a regular basis.

Then I finally figure out what I’m going to use it for and it’s all worth it!

See I have a bunch of beads, purchased at a sale price, for an undetermined project…months ago! And now there’s going to be a wedding!

Foil beads1

My beads and my canvas are going to be joined. There may be wool or cotton or silk involved, along with some pretty threads and a bit of paint. I can’t wait to see how they match up, now that their paths have been determined.

Foil beads2

I love it when a surplus and a surplus come together!


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Am I Obsessive?

Maybe just a little bit nuts? I have this cotton/rayon yarn that I started knitting into a shawl. It didn’t look very good, so I quit knitting with about 2 skeins of the yarn to go. It sat around in the bin for months and then I got the idea to make a new sweater for my grandson.

Yarn 1

But cotton/rayon yarn is going to shrink, right?

So, do I make the sweater too big and hope that it shrinks in the right places?

No, I think it would be better to pre-shrink the yarn so the sweater can be washer and dryer clothing.

So, do I shrink it all unraveled and wound into skeins? I don’t think so…I think I’ll just keep knitting the shawl until I use up all the yarn and THEN do the shrinking.

‘Cause if I do it any other way it won’t all shrink up the same, right?

It feels crazy to knit this all up just to unknit it and use the yarn for another project. It also feels crazy to do it any other way. Wow! I’m such a nutcase!

And THEN…off-white yarn for a kids sweater? Noooooooo….it needs to be dyed. Shall I dye it while still in the shawl shape or after I make the sweater? Hmmm….


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