Knitty, knitty…

You can always tell what I’m doing with my days if you see a lot of knitting showing up. That means I’m sitting around doing absolutely nothing, watching TV and probably taking naps!

Lazy knit 1

The only knitting I do anymore is mindless. No patterns, no counting, no shaping…even a simple cable is too much effort.

Seed stitch, garter and stockinette, scarves and hats. I’m also trying to use up all the bits and bobs of yarn I have. Yes, I have a large stash of yarn along with all my fabric and all my beads!

Lazy knit 3

I think I may use up anything that I have a large quantity of and make an afghan for someone for Christmas. I just can’t see that I’m going to be making many more sweaters…I have more now than I need.

Lazy knit 2

I’m glad I have a local charity to which I can donate the scarves. It makes me feel better about my laziness that way!

Maybe I’ll have the gumption to get some sewing done tomorrow!

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Goodbye, Artisans.

Yes, the Artisan Showcase is over. Lots of work for a one day event, but I’ve been wanting to do this for years, so it was a pleasure to do the work.

Started out with some big, bare spaces and started filling them up a bit at a time.AS 1 AS 2 AS 3

The paintings arrived first, along with the felted items…

AS 4 AS 5 AS 6 AS 8

and I started filling in with some of my stuff.

AS 7 AS 9

Enter the glass and more mixed media…

AS 11 AS 12 AS 13

and we were ready!

I did not take one picture during the course of the day, but I talked to everyone who came in and enjoyed myself immensely.

Surprised by some of the people who did not show up as well as those who did. Like my daughter-in-law who came to help wherever she could, all day long! Very few people who came, left without making a purchase which surprised me even more. Many Christmas gifts were purchased and everyone seemed to like the opportunity to shop quality goods.

We ended the day feeling like a group of very talented women…compliments will do that! There were lessons learned about promotion and some initial difficulty getting wifi devices connected to my system! And then we didn’t need them–it was very much a cash/check day…so much easier!

Personally, I loved it and am looking forward to another show next year. And I’m very tired…looking forward very much to a restful day tomorrow.



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Bare bones…

Trying to get ready for this weekend’s Artisan Showcase–and I would be remiss if I did not post the info here!

Show card 2

I’m stripping all my artwork off the walls and clearing the decks for 4 other artists. We all have stuff that hangs on the wall–more of that than table top work. I’m trying to be creative and gain as much wall space as possible. This show is in my home and I want our visitors to envision the artwork in their own homes, not in any type of setting that resembles a gallery. But I also want to display as much as possible, so it will be hung close together…more is better in this situation. I’m even going to hang some pieces in the bathroom!

We are going to extend into the garage, which is a huge space. I have lots of quilt display racks so I’m hoping to make the cavernous garage a bit more intimate and ‘artsy’. Black drapes and bright art–good combination, right?

The hardest part of this whole thing for me is the CLEANING! Dusting and vacuuming and sweeping–not my favorite part of life!

Back to work…the walls are still too crowded!


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All the hard work is done…

Since I’m still in a holding pattern for cleaning and arranging the Artisan Showcase, I got a lot more work done on Deb’s Map quilt. I couldn’t sleep last night so I started sewing some of the pieces together. AND I sat and studied what I was doing for quite a bit.

Deb's map 4

I made several decisions along the way. I felt that it needed to be longer before I even got the first row put together. So I needed to make some more blocks. That gave me more thinking time as I sewed them and also more variety in the fabrics I was using…both good things. I kept trying to break up the sameness of the rectangular blocks, but then I realized that that was actually what I liked best about this one!

Looking at what I had on the design board, I kept trying to figure out the assembly…the easiest way…the fastest way…the most complicated way! So…decision made NOT to simply square up the blocks and sew them together with straight edges. Nope–organic, improv lines all the way. A bit harder and more time-consuming, but a better look.

However, I’m not totally crazy! I am going to sew the ROWS together in straight lines. Could I do that improvisationally also? Yes, I could, but for a quilt that is intended to be a couch quilt? Don’t think the result would be worth the extra work.

And really–all the hard work IS done. Once the design and layout are figured out, the rest is just sitting at the sewing machine and getting it done.

That’s also sometimes the boring part and you need to keep yourself motivated. Perhaps that’s why I’ll be working on an art quilt design for my son and his wife at the same time…keeping both parts of my mind busy.

Ideas? I think that as long as there is color in the world, I won’t run out of them. Hope so, anyway!



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Map reading

A good map is almost like reading a good book to me. I like to study them before I go places, even though I still get turned around pretty easily in a city. I think the skill of a cartographer, especially in times long ago, is very impressive to me. My daughter loves maps, too, and several years ago I found some map fabric and planned on making it into a quilt for her. I’ve actually taken it off the shelf several times with good intentions, but I believe that this time I will actually get it made!

Deb's map 1

I’ve collected other fabrics that I thought would go well with the map material…so many that I tried to use some up in a class sample quilt. That quilt also never got finished, so I had a pile of ‘pieces’ ready to go. In a nice coincidence, at a retreat one of the ladies gave me a large stack of rectangle scraps that just happen to go with the map idea fabrics.

Deb's map 2

I felt as though all the pieces were coming together today. I threw the already completed blocks up on the design wall and the finished quilt plan jumped into my mind! It happens like that sometimes and I’m always reminded of the old TV show, The A Team…”I love it when a plan comes together.”

I started cutting and sewing large pieces together…it’s so fast when the pieces are big! After just a couple of hours I feel as though I have lots of the quilt done already! I do have to keep in mind that I want this to be a couch or bed quilt size and that it’s all right to let it grow and grow.

Deb's map 3

It’s practically making itself but I have to get things ready for my Artisan Showcase–in just 10 days! Yet a lot of stuff like cleaning and rearranging the furniture has to wait until the last minute. What to do in the meantime? Why sew on this, of course! Woo-hoooo!

And since my kids usually read this, and I do have two of them, and my son and his wife need a new wall hanging…I’ll be looking at the right fabrics for that, too. Blues seem to be difficult for me and that’s what they need…hmmmmm.

I love having several projects going on at the same time!


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Wiring pictures up is my task for today. Booooooring, but one of those final chores that need to be done, like labels and sleeves. It just needs to get done!


Maybe there will be some fun sewing tomorrow, but since I’m getting ready for my little home art show, I’m betting more on floor scrubbing and dusting!


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I love a good finish!

Oh, yeah! My quilt for ME is done, done, done! That thing has a LOT of quilting on it, and it’s not far-apart-straight-line-wide-open quilting either.

Stop and Go 1

Took a bit longer than I thought it would and my body is not happy with hours at the sewing machine any more. I’ll have to try and remember how long it takes before I do it again.

Stop and Go 2

But it’s ready to use, just in time for a predicted colder weekend. Can’t wait to be snuggled under it.

Stop and Go 3

Now on to smaller, quicker little works…oh, and that Rain Storm project that is certainly not fast!


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