Art fun time!

Adult coloring books are all the rage now. There are tons available and most of them have absolutely beautiful designs in them. I have been resisting them because I’m sure I would get hooked on them and my time would get sucked away while I played.

However, I have been able to indulge just a little bit. This is what I do while you color flowers or zen-doodle things.

Coloring page

Yep…Star Wars pages with my grandson! Totally fun. Actually way more fun than fancy flowers done by myself!

But yesterday was also a happy mail day. You know how you like a business page on Facebook and sometimes they say to leave a comment and have a chance at a prize? Well, I’ve had Strathmore as one of my likes for a long, long time and that’s exactly what I did on their page. I never really believed that people really won…until I DID!

Look at all this stuff that came in the mail!

Strathmore prize

Isn’t it cool? Can’t wait to start using it. Oh…I think that will happen as soon as I’m done writing this post!

And I will probably make more comments on those “win a prize” posts on Facebook, too!


Donation quilt

This is my second year of using one of my UFO’s as a donation quilt. We can’t technically call it a raffle because the set-up of our organization and the state raffle laws don’t quite mesh up. However, we have three quilts for which people can make a donation to our chosen charity and someone goes home with a quilt! Close enough!

Because these come from a group of quilt tops that I don’t have much of an emotional attachment to, I don’t have a problem letting a professional quilt them for me. Mine have been quilted by Threadbear Quilting, Kathy Koch, and she’s done a fantastic job–with an unbelievable price break because it’s for charity! (Like free!!!!) She really makes my life so much easier.

I do have to bind it, of course, and add a sleeve so we can display it. I always bind my quilts by machine and thought this would be a good time to remind you of how to do that, if you usually do it by hand. Not much different at all, really.

Start by attaching the binding to the back of the quilt, rather than the front.

Bind remind tute 1

Most often asked question–how do you do the corners? Same way you would if you were finishing by hand…

Sew up to 1/4″ from the corner. Fold binding up until a 45 degree angle is formed–the binding will be in line with the edge of the quilt.

Bind remind tute2

Then fold the binding down, still in line with the edge of the quilt, squared off at the top edge.

Bind remind tute3

Begin sewing 1/4″ down and 1/4″ in from the edges.

Bind remind tute4

When it’s time to turn that corner to the other side, I press the binding outward, then flip and fold on the other side.

Bind remind tute5

Bind remind tute7

The binding practically folds itself, but it doesn’t hurt to help it along by pressing the first side, with that angle on the top left and the second side over this one.

Bind remind tute9

Topstitch all around, plain stitching or use a decorative stitch and you’re done in a very short time. I am not a perfectionist in this area and there are very detailed tutorials on the web if you are. This was only a basic, quick reminder of how to do it!

The finished quilt–

Bind remind tute10

I think it will do just fine in garnering donations! And if you are at the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild meeting on July 18, you can see it in person and be among the first to donate!

Giveaway winner…

No, I haven’t forgotten that I’m going to give some fabric away. Not too many commentors this time…are you all in the same spot I’m in? Too much stash and not enough time? Well, someone has to help me out!

This time it’s going to be Marybeth! Shoot me your snail mail info and I’ll get some fabric picked out and sent to you.

I’m always so happy when my fabric gets to go live in a new home!

Jan scraps 3

Can you believe it?

This will be blog number 800! It seems like only yesterday that I was at number 2! (And so was this guy!)


I’ve certainly enjoyed blogging, perhaps because it’s not structured or limited to certain subjects. Everything is fair game for me, though my focus is definitely textile related. A couple of years ago, I would have said my focus was quilt related, but I do so much more than that now.

Being retired has given me time to learn new things. I’m a firm believer in the term “lifelong learner” and a day without learning something new is a sad day. Lots of new techniques have flown by me and I’ve grabbed on to a few of them as they went by. I’m loving the freedom to explore and then I tell you all about it!

Thanks for hanging in there with me…and I think I need to give some more fabric away! You have heard me lament lately that I have waaaaaaay too much fabric, more than I’ll ever be able to use. Leave a comment and maybe you can be the one I share with…random selection and amount, my choice!

I should be able to find something to give away.

Let’s have some fun!

777 Giveaway Winner

Michigan is a mighty cold state right now…as is a lot of the country, I know! It’s nice to get a warm Florida winter break, but it’s always good to be home, even if it IS totally frozen over.

Haven’t been downstairs to select fabric for the giveaway winner, but Mr. Random Number Generator and I have selected a winner. I’m so happy that my fabric will find a new home with

Dana Charlton!

I’ll shoot you an email and we’ll get some fabric sent out. Enjoy!

Edit: Here’s what I’m sending…sorta matchy-matchy for someone who doesn’t have a big stash.



WordPress has informed me that I have published post number 777. Actually, more than that now. Doesn’t a number like that mean I should give something away?

I’m sure that someone, somewhere could use a couple of fat quarters of fabric. I think I can find some to share!


Just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to pick someone with whom to share!

Comments closed so that I can pick a winner! Thanks, everyone, for participating!

If only I could remember…

I often say that if my head wasn’t attached, I’d lose it. I’m supposed to give away some fabric and forgot completely about it.

I have some hand-dyes that need to find a new home and there were only a few comments on the blog where I posted about the giveaway.

Dye 2

So I think I’ll send a piece of fabric to all of you! Have fun!

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